Nine pax members (three work-outs at The Judge and we’ve had nine people each time – nearly impossible odds that such an occurance would happen) took the NCMA to task on Thursday morning.

Check the tape:

Ran 1.1 miles in and out with 80 cross-fit merkins and 80 LBCs at the wooden bridges. We did multiple rounds of burpees, sumo jump squats, jumping lunges, and partner declines. I’d guess five to six rounds of this on the bridge.

In total, we ran 3.4 miles and did a ton of exercises. Non-stop movement that kept the heart rate up and we had some fun too.

Naked Moleskin:

– Costco and Maize took the clown car to The Judge this morning and had their black hose on to keep their lower legs warm in the early morning. I’ll be right there with you but not for another 30 degree drop in temperature. Good to see you both this morning and bring your socks out again next week!

– New Mexico and Ron Mexico continue to be the Sunni and Shitte of The Judge. We’ll mend that fence one day but the F3 brothers still have not partnered up.

– T&G and Friar Tuck set the pace this morning. During their speed exhibition, they also laid down some wise words for BRR prep. I look forward to reading the cliff notes for what to bring to the mountains! #lazyman #coattails


– Pray for Hush puppies family and all the prayers that weren’t spoken this morning.

Always and honor to spend the morning with y’all,