14 men gathered at North Hills Park to journey over to a hill with which we all would become intimately familiar:  Hyde Hill.  First, we started things off at NHP:

Side Shuffle Hop – 30x

Imperial Walker – 30x

Mountain Climber – 30x

Good Morning – 15x

Windmill – 15x

Fazio Arm Circles – 15x in each direction

Then we formed two groups and went for an Indian Run:  Right on Currituck, Left on Yadkin, Left on Davidson, stopped when we arrived at Hyde Hill.


We did a Jacob’s Ladder on Hyde Hill with sets of merkins and LBCs: 35 merkins at the bottom, sprint up the hill, 5 LBCs at the top, jog down; 30 merkins at the bottom, sprint up, 10 LBCs, jog down, etc. until we completed 7 completed sets.

The halftime entertainment was a set of 30 prisoner squats.

Another Jacob’s Ladder, this time with burpees and WWII sit-ups in multiples of 2:  14 burpees, sprint up, 2 WWII sit-ups, jog down; 12 burpees, sprint up, 4 WWII sit-ups, etc. until we completed 7 sets.

Unfortunately we were almost out of time and still had to run back to NHP.  We backwards ran, did buttkickers and high knees, and finally sprinted the last bit home.  We were done.


Prayer requests:  Swirly’s stepbrother recently passed away.  Keep his family in your prayers.