Spring-like morning.   Low 50’s.  Clear.  16 Pax.  No FNG’s.  Bond Park.  Cary.

The Warm Up.

  1. Lite jog over to the courtyard area.   Per usual, Ma Bell reminds us not to hurt the grass.
  2. 15 IW, 15 SSH, 15 Merkins, 15 SSH
  3. Lite jog down the street, under the gate, to the base ball field.

The Thang.

  1. Circle up in the outfield.    Jack Webb.   1/4x up to 5/20.
  2. Count of 1/2’s.
  3. Cycle.   In Groups:
    • Group 1:  Foul pole 3 burpees while Group 2 does called exercises; flap jack
    • Group 1:  Foul pole 3 burbees, Center Field 6 burpees, Foul pole 3 burpees, Group 2 does called exercises.  flap jack
    • Group 1:  Foul pole 3 burbees, Center Field 6 burpees, Foul pole 9 burpees, Center Field 6 burpees, foul pole 3 burpees, Group 2 does called exercises.  flap jack
    • Called exercises:  merkins, American hammers, mack truck jives, chill cut peter parkers, squats, squat jumps, box cutters and I am sure a few others.
  4. Group 1 runs from backstop to centerfield 12 burpees; Group 1 people’s chair, flap jack
  5. Lite jog over to the shelter.
    1. table top irkins, step ups, dips, box jumps, table top irkins, dips, step ups in various screwed up cadence counts from 15-20
  6. Lite jog on the road.
  7. Stop on the road to finish up Jack Webb.   1/4x from 6 to 10 and 24 to 40 with the last 40 plank jacks OYO vs arms in the air.
  8. Under the gate.  Line up.
  9. Billy Run to the parking lot….led by Billy Largemouth.
  10. Circle up in the parking lot.   PBX called Hello Dolly.  Callie narrates.  All is good.
  11. That’s it.



Circle is always fun….this time even more fun as I cut the line and left out my man  boy Callahan.   Welcome back WWW and Welcome to SNS.  McCants.

Callahan took us out nicely.

Announcements.    Bull.  Car pool to the pool (meet on 55…see email or Callahan if interested).  MaBell hosting a 2nd F in April…19th.  Wear clean socks.


See Comments to follow by Callahan.

Pleasure to be with you guys in the Gloom.   Lets do it again sometime.