VSF planted for PAX of 12 at Crabtree Valley Mall this morning. A dozen is a great PAX number, you can do just about anything anywhere so we kept moving with some stops for a little arm work in between.

The Thang:

Run the stairwell 3 times, lunge walk 40 yards and circle up at bottom of the ramp. Imperial Walkers x 15, Spiderman Merkins x 15, SSH x 15, Mountain Climbers x 15

Low plank hold and then sprint to the top. He Sees Me to the next ramp, Low Plank  hold and then sprint to the top. He Sees Me to the stairwell and go down to main level. Jog across bridge to small field and circle up

Plank-A-Rama: High Plank Hold x 15, Plank Jacks x 15, Decliners x 15, Low Plank Hold x 15, Chilcutt x 15, Peter Chilcut x 15, Swiss Merkins x 15 (no recover calls) Sprint to flashing light. Cross the street…

The Hingis Kahn: (Start at the foot of the big hill across from Crabtree Tavern)

-20 LBDs, 15 Derkins at the bottom, go to the top of the hill…..10 Burpees. 4 times through.

Indian Run back to home base, sprint the final 50 yards and that is all.

COT with prayer by Cherie Berry (a verse from Great is thy Faithfulness was shared)

Naked Moleskin:

-That hill is no joke and will be a gem once the grass weeds grow. I’ve given it the name Hingis Kahn (part for the Swiss Miss, part for the unmerciful grade on that thing), but am not married to it so let the nominations roll below. YHC thought he could run up the whole way at least once. #fail

-T-claps to The Crick turning 1 today. There was great initiative by Money Hose towards the end of 2013 that lead to a flag being officially planted a year ago. Strong local leadership from there has carried it onward, beautiful. #starfish

-Cutest couple award goes to Master Builder & Dingo for matching outfits this morning. If you didn’t know we were at workout you might have thought they were coordinated for a skating routine. #hamiltons

Mud Run signup is now open, click on the link to the right. April 11th!

March 7th :: F3 Raleigh turns 3 next month. We will celebrate with a convergence at Pullen Park, our Plymouth Rock. 6:45 start for main workout, double down opportunity at 6am with Howard replicating the original on March 3, 2012.

-Prayers for Cherie Berry’s daughter, prayer’s for the son (military) of Mayhem’s friend, prayers for current and former military members

-Butcher dug in the whole way & MacGruber cursed the final run up the hill. Strong work, as always an honor to lead.