17 PAX for a cold morning of arm circles and more arm circles.

Run to Church Lot while doing arm circles (surprise, not easy)

Warm Up:  SSH x21, Arm Circles x21 each way, Good Mornings x21, Squats with Punches x21, Arm Circles w/ Mummy Kicks (wish I had a video of this one) x21, Merkins x20

Run to Tennis Courts

Burpee Ladder with 5x Arm Circle multiplier, sprint to other end of courts after each, so 1 burpee, 5 arm circles, sprint, arms up while waiting for PAX, 2 burpees, 10 arm circles, sprint back…etc..  Skipped 10-50 and finished with 11-55 (’cause, why not?).

Circle up for Jump Squat Ladder with 5x Jack Webb multiplier.  So, 1 jump squat, 5 Jack Webbs (air presses), 2-10, etc. to 10-50.

Run to the big deep (bottom, bottom of big hill).  Run to top of lot with arms extended (circles not an option at this point).

Mary:  Protractor with 2 x 10 long slow flutters, 1 x 15 Heels to Heaven.  2 minutes of gym class sit ups with partner.


Great having Coop Dog join us from Charlotte.  Our thoughts will stay with Coop Dog and his family while his father is at UNC Hospitals.