23 PAX emerged from their weekend slumber to enter the gloom at North Hills Park.

Warm-up: SSH x25, Fazios x10, Imperial Walkers x20, Mountain Climbers x15

Mosey to the parking lot by the baseball field for The BEAST.

4 cones. 6 reps at the first 3 cones, touch the fourth cone and repeat on the way back. Exercises were as follows: Merkins, Squats, LBCs, Carolina Drydocks, Sumo Squats, Burpees

Mosey to picnic tables for 11’s. OYO 1 Jump-Up –> 10 Dips (2 Jump-ups, 9 dips etc.) Repeato with Irkins and Prisoner Squats.

Time for Sisyphus. Partner up with someone of similar pace. Jog it down to the bottom, stick with your partner. 30 LBCs at the base, run up halfway 20 squats, at the top 10 wheelbarrow dirkins with your partner.

Mary: LBCs, Hammers, WWII sit-ups, Freddie Mercury’s, 6in leg hold around the horn 5 count.


Strong work by all this morning. YHC reflected on his first post in February here at North Hills Park. It was a Larry David burner with partner carries and wheelbarrows up Sisyphus. I couldn’t make it through Mary. Enjoyed taking the lead this morning. Wouldn’t have made it this long without the encouragement and push from my fellow PAX. If you haven’t Q’ed, get on the list somewhere. Find someone to Q with you. You can do it.

Prayers for Dufresne’s family this week. Details on visitation and meal sign-ups below. Praise and prayers for Grillz’ mother who recently had surgery and prayers for father in law.

July 4th Convergence at Late Night and Juggernaut. 7-8am. Sign-up for the Mud Run by July 15.

Honey Do prayed us out.

Dufresne info: http://f3nation.com/?p=100144