YHC pulled into the Jaycee Park lot rocking a new headband (thanks, Tin Cup) & a scripted baseball-themed set, only to discover that Zero Hour regular Fungo was nowhere to be found. Shaken yet undeterred, YHC disclaimed anew (thanks, Q Basic) & off we went to the lower parking lot for…


SSH x 20 / Imperial Walker x 20 / Good Morning x 20 / Sir Fazio Arm Circle x 15 (reverse) / Mountain Climber x 20

Jog uphill to the stop sign for walking Lunge Squat interlude & on to the gravel parking lot for…


SSH x 20 / Merkin x 10 / Air Squat x 20

Jog down the perimeter road & stop at the speed hump for Monkey Humpers x 10 (thanks, Rain Man). Continue jog around the park to Field 3 for…


Bear crawl from home plate to 1st base > sprint to right field fence > 10 merkins > sprint back to 1st base & plank hold

Crab walk from 1st to 2nd base > sprint to center field fence > 10 prisoner squats > sprint back to 2nd base & plank hold

Gorilla walk from 2nd to 3rd base > sprint to left field fence > 10 burpees > sprint back to 3rd base & plank hold

Plank walk from 3rd base to home plate

People’s Chair on the backstop to wrap up baseball practice

Exit the baseball field to the steps for Alternating L/R Step-Up x 20 > Irkin x 15 (repeato)

Jog to the picnic shelter & pick up sandbags for Curl x 10 > Shoulder Press x 10 > Tricep Extension x 10

Mike Tyson x 15 (thanks, TARP)


LBC x 20 > Freddie Mercury X 20 > 6″ leg hold for PAX 5-count > Reverse LBC x 20 > Russian Hammer x 20 > Monkey Humper x 20



July 4th workouts at Juggernaut & Late Night – 7am: no other workouts scheduled

USMC Mud Run is October 4th (signup deadline is July 15th)

The M.U.L.E. is October 25th – 7am (you can do it)

Prayers for Dufresne & family (see website for funeral arrangements): RIP, brother