17 faithful PAX and an actual shovel flag were ready to go at 7:00.  After the disclaimer was given, we broke into two lines for an Indian run around the parking lot and up to the small field near the upper pavilions.  Warm up with SSH x 20, Imperial x 16, Good Morning x 20.

The Thang:

If you were at Flood Zone on Friday, you saw some flat out awful form on merkins (a head bob isn’t a merkin) and squats (looked like a half assed good morning).  We did a set of 11’s w/ merkins and Darby squats w/ focus on proper form.  Upon completion, jog across the railroad tracks to the field beside the baseball field

Nickels and Dimes:  4 cones set up, exercises done suicides style.  “Nickels” are groups of 5 (4 exercises at first cone, one at start, three at second cone, two at start, two at third cone, three at start, one at fourth cone, four at start) and “dimes” are groups of 10 (just double the reps from the nickels).  Each nickel exercise totals 20 reps, dimes are 40 reps.  Money Hose joins the PAX after the first round of nickels.  Welcome.

Nickels:  Burpees, Darby squats, diamond merkins, jump lunge, burpees (again)

Dimes:  Merkins, ski abs, wide grip merkins, star jump, prisoner squats

Recover on the jog to lower baseball field.  Line up on imaginary line along the home-to-first base path, sprint to the outfield wall.  Split into two groups.  Group one, BTTW while group two sprints the length of the field and back.  Switch.  Group one People’s Chair, group two sprints.  Switch. Repeat such that everyone does 4 sprints.

Mary:  LBC x 40, Heels to Heaven x 30, Freddie x 15, 6 inch leg hold around the circle (5 count each PAX).  Jog back to home base.

COT.  Coffee.