Awesome workout site! If you haven’t made the trip to Agoge yet, I highly recommend it!

First we had a short jog to warm up. Then we had a lesson on Manliness!

SSHx25, Mountain Climbersx25, Imperial Walkersx25, WideGripMerkinsx10, DiamondMerkinsx20, Sir Fazio Arm Circlesx15x15

Suicides in the field… partner 1┬ábear crawl down to first cones, sprint back, partner 2 doing star jumps, flap jack

partner1 gorilla crawl down to second cone, sprint back, partner 2 doing squats, flap jack

partner 1 sprint to third cone and back, partner 2 doing lbc’s, flap jack


next exercise we did paint the lines burpees

next we ventured over the golf course where we sprinted to the top of the huge hill, did 20 merkins, 20 lbc’s, jogged back down, then repeato

Circle up for Mary…nipplerx25, flutter kicksx25, freddy mercuryx25, American hammerx25