5 PAX braved some slippery asphalt and brought the heat at a balmy edition of Rameses. Some exam-driven fartsacks UA’d, but it’s that time of year.

The Thang

Jog to Church Lot

SSH x 20

Mountain Climb x 10

Freddie Mercury x 10

SSH x 10

Mountain Climb x 20

Freddie Mercury x 10

SSH x 10

Mountain Climb x 10

Freddie Mercury x 20

Jog to OEC down the BFH

Human Plinko: number off 1-5. Number 1 runs the ball up the hill, rolls it down, number 2 runs it up, etc., until number 5 reaches the top.

Round 1) at bottom: Merkins, at top: LBCs

Round 2) at bottom: LBCs, at top: Merkins

Round 3) at bottom: shoulder annihilators, at top: burpees

Round 4) at bottom: burpees, at top: shoulder annihilators

Round 5) at bottom: BW squat, at top: imperial walkers

Round 6) at bottom: imperial walker, at top: BW squat


Russian Hammer ball circle x 10

Dolly x 15

Rosalita x 15

LBC x 15

Usain Bolts up the OEC Lot:

Peter Parker


Dry Docks

Diamond merkins

Makhtar N’Diaye


Adolphus and Rodeo will co-Q this Saturday’s Pullen workout over in Raleigh. Come on over.

Adolphus and Rodeo will also co-Q next Thursday 12/12 at Dawn Patrol.

Probe making his debut Q at Bastille. Be there or be square.