6 faithful showed up for the first installment of the Durham F3 Saturday beatdown…

The Thang:

Warmup jog around some Duke East Campus dorms – great care was taken not to wake up hung-over Dukie undergrads

Hill runs – forwards x 2, backwards x 1

SSH x 20
Mountain climbers x 15
Air squats x 20
Burpees x 10
LBCs x 20

Jog around the dorms again, and on to the main event…

The Gloom Dial (start at a central point, out to 12 different points on a clock face, exercise, back to central point, plank until everyone arrives)

1:00 – Run to lamp post, 20 merkins, run back
2:00 – Backward run to a bush, 10 burpees, backward run back
3:00 – Run to another lamp post, 15 staggered merkins, run back (CK asks if this is a 24 hour clock or a 12)
4:00 – Walking lunge to a nearly dead tree, 6 high-lows
5:00 – Run to a tree, 15 staggered merkins, run back
6:00 – Bear crawl to another tree, 20 LBCs, bear crawl back (Riggs’ competence as QIC is questioned, Hufflepuff looses his car keys)
7:00 – Run to yet another tree, 10 diamond merkins, run back
8:00 – Crab walk to the corner of a sand volleyball court, 20 air squats, crab walk back
9:00 – Partner up and wheelbarrows to the opposite corner of the court, 10 Carolina Dry docks, other partner wheelbarrows back (Floyd requires a couple rounds of CPR prior to the return trip)
10:00 – Run to a wall, People’s chair x 20 count, run back
11:00 – Run to the corner of the field, 10 EKGs, run back
12:00 – Traveling burpees, SSH x 10, traveling burpees back

Run again around the dorms to a gentle hill

Partner carry up the hill, wheelbarrow down the hill x 2

Pullups on an elevated walkway x 6

Mary (led by Doogie):

6″ leg raise, low slow flutter, planks, superman, putin, sarkozy, plank with knee raise, skydiver, russian hammer



tclaps to CK for making the trip to Durham yet again to help kick this thing off

tclaps to Hufflepuff for joining Durham for the first time, and for making us look for his keys in the grass after we were done

tclaps to (Pretty Boy) Floyd for threatening to punch those who didn’t show up in the nuts, and for weighing 240 lbs for the partner carry

tclaps to Dream Catcher for quietly making many of us look like old men

tclaps to Doogie for leading the warmup and Mary