12 PAX arrived to The Farm on a nice cool morning.  As we were getting started our EC crew of Floppy Disk, Nader, and Patina were rolling in from their 3 mile EC session.  Little did they know, they were in for a lot more running.

The Thang

COP with SSH X 20, Good Mornings X 15, Merkins X 10, Mtn Climbers X 10, Carolina Dry Docks X10, Imperial Walkers X 10.

After our warmup we took off through the MSP trails for about 1/2 mile to the Sanford Creek track.  Before we got started we took a moment to stretch a little more.  We then paired up for the fastest 5K.

The goal was to run 12 laps around the track as fast as possible.  Each pair would alternate laps for a total of 6 for each PAX.  During your off lap you could catch your breathe to get ready for the next one.  Too add a little competition element to the event, YHC stated that there is only 1 winner and the losers will have additional pain after the race.

We all took off and gave it all we had.  YHC and Green Mile took the trophy home with a 15 minute 5K (although I have to admit, it took all I had not to splash merlot after my last lap).  Now time for the additional pain for the losers.  In F3 form, we always do everything together so the pain was that the winners get to pick the excercize, but we also had to participate.  I gave Green Mile the honor since he pulled us home on the last lap of the 5K.  Green Mile chose 25 burpees and all PAX voiced their disapproval.  We all banged out the 25 and we made our way back to The Farm.

YHC chose to take the long way back which was about a mile and a half or so.  Along the way we stopped and did a few merkins, chillcuts, LBCs, etc.

We finally made it back to the Flag with about 5 minutes to spare. YHC had everyone line up side by side for a 30 count of Merkins and finished by linking arms with a long repetition of Navy Seal Team Situps.  YHC finished with a few words of wisdom about how we all must rely on each other and even though along the way we have different paces we all finish as one.  This is how Iron Sharpens Iron.

We finished with COT and Patina led us out in prayer.

As always, I am honored to lead this strong group of men and look forward to the next time.