The luck of the Irish was strong this St. Patrick’s Day. To celebrate, YHC brought along 10 green sandbags, 3 cones and donned my green Shaggy shirt. Figured we’d have a dozen Pax. Maybe even 18. I arrived early to set-up and when I returned to the lot, with exactly 3 minutes to go, way more than 18 had gathered. Damn. I did a quick head count: 27, 28, maybe 29. May have to make a few adjustments. Time to go.

Quick jog around the park, down Edwards Mill, down Glen Valley, through the woods, past the first baseball field and back up to the basketball court. As we arrived, one more Pax joined us. No time to count. We just got busy.

Good Mornings x12
Merkins x12
Imperial Walkers x12
Plank Jacks x12
Squats x12
Windmills x12

Count off into teams of 3. BOOM! 30 Pax.
Mosey up to parking lot, each team grab a sandbag.
3 exercises x 3 rotations:
1s Sprint to end and back, touch the curb
2s AMRAP Curls and/or Presses, 3s AMRAP LBCs.
Rotate, rinse and repeat x3, Plank work when you finish.

Bearmuda Triangle:
Jog down the trail to the soccer field. 3 cones 30yds apart in a triangle. Split into 3 groups, each at a cone. Shotgun start, Bear Crawl to the next cone, one triple-merkin-burpee, Bear crawl to the 2nd cone, 2 triple-merkin-burpees, Bear crawl to 3rd cone, 3 triple-merkin-burpees. Repeato for good luck.

Triple Check:
Move over to the wall, still in the 3 groups, with your team.
1s Sprint to the soccer goal, 2s in Peoples Chair, 3s AMRAP Merkins.
Second round with Sprint, BTW and Squats.
Third round back to Peoples Chair and Merkins.
Plank when you finish.
Nippler x30, Aquamans x15

Jog back up to the basketball court:
Accelerating Flutter Kicks x30
Hammers x15
Triple-Merkin-Burpees x3

We celebrated St Patrick’s Day today with lucky number 3. The 3 leaves of the Shamrock have been used to teach the Trinity: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I also find it lucky that we’re F3, with the 3rd F being faith. And in F3 lexicon, “To be Third” means placing oneself last in priority as a servant-leader. And, in case you’ve forgotten or never knew, T-Claps stands for Triple Claps. Three quick claps that signal ultimate respect.

Haven House on Tuesday. This is a very meaningful opportunity to serve. And all you have to do is show up. See MacGruber, Java, or Franzia for details.
The Healing Place on Fridays. If you haven’t posted to this site, you are truly missing out. You have to go to know. 2pm at Pullen for the run over, or 2:30 in The Healing Place courtyard.

T-Claps to Franzia for clearing limbs from the woods.
T-Claps to Bullhorn for bringing our numbers to a lucky 30.
T-Claps to all the Pax for understanding directions on the first take.
Lots of other stuff, but I have basketball brain, and can’t think of it.

See you in the gloom,