After much planning by Sawyer and 2 Ply, The Falcon was launched today.  Pain and fun was had by all.  And there was a box of chicken.


Run from parking lot to track

SSH x 20

IW x 20

WMH x 15

Arm circles x 10

Reverse x 10

Mountain climbers x 15

Merkins x 20


The Thang

Jacobs Ladder

Start with 2 burpees, run to top of hill 10 burpees

Run to bottom of hill 4 burpees, run to top 8 burpees

Run to bottom 6 burpees, run to top 6 burpees

Run to bottom 8 burpees, run to top 4 burpees

Run to bottom 10 burpees, run to top 2 burpees

Plank until all are done


Run to field

Walking lunge to the 50 yard line, 20 merkins, run back

Bear crawl to the 50, 20 merkins, run back

Crab walk to the 50, 20 merkins, run back

Sprint to the end of the field, 20 merkins

Sprint back to the beginning, 20 merkins

Sprint to the end of the field




LBC x 20

Heels to heaven x 20

Russian hammer x 20

Long slow flutter x 20

Ski Abs x 15

Parker Peter x 15