This was the first post in a while for your Q that didn’t require cold weather gear, which was a certainly a nice change of pace. It seemed everyone else felt the same, with a strong showing of 22 PAX. Furley and Box Jump showed up 15 minutes early for extra credit. Not sure what they did, but I can only assume it was beasty, because that’s how they role.

We circled up promptly at 6:00am, and after a count-off and disclaimer got rolling with:

2 lines for Indian run (long way) to the picnic shelter, followed by:

Warmup:  SSHx20, Mountainclimbersx15, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 15, then:

The Thang:

break into teams of 3, with each team doing collectively 300 pullups, 600 pushup, 900 squats. (the intent was for each person to get in a Murph, but after about a 3rd of the way through, your Q realized that there was a bit of confusion with trying to pull this one off, so an audible was called to move on to something else, which was:

run to the soccer field, line up on the base line, and Q will call out an exercise for 5 reps at quarter field, half field, 3/4 field, and end, with run back and plank until the next call-out. Exercises called out were: Burpees, LBC, Carolina Dry Dock, Squats, Merkins

then, back to the shed for a partner up with partners collectively doing 50 pullups.

Then, irkins x10, dipsx10, irkins x10

then run back for:


LBCx20, Gheronimos(?)(courtesy of assistant Q Box Jump)

Welcome FNGs Hansel and Blindside!!

Vector Victor eloquently took us out..