Following a nice pre-workout thunderstorm, 2 PAX posted at GnP. The threat of weather and a slight case of young marriage kept the others away. For YHC and Fluoride, it was the first post in almost a week after battling the flu, and injury. Still hobbling a bit, the two were off.


  • Jog around campus. SSH x30, Imperial Walkers x20, Windmills x20, Stan-erd Mericans x20, LBCs x20

The Thang:

  • Swingset fun: Derkins x15, Knees to chest x15, Declined pull-ups x10, Standing tricep stretch x15
  • Jog to picnic shelter: 11’s derkins and dips
  • Jog around school back to swingset
  • Repeat swingset fun
  • Jog to picnic shelter: 11’s Irkins and Dips


  • LBC’s x30
  • Long Slow Flutter x20
  • Reverse LBC’s x30
  • Garner Hammers x20
  • Jog around school


  • Prayers for Yosef and family
  • Prayers one of Fluoride’s assistants. (Son with cancer)
  • Prayers for quick recovery on injured PAX
  • Fluoride took us out.


  • Blue Ridge Relay. Connect with YoYo if interested.
  • Congrats to Pergo on his marriage.
  • GoRuck in October. See Kanye or Singlewide
  • Major T-claps to Fluoride for leading cadence today. Can’t wait for your first Q. Well Done!!!

Hand out!!