Things always get started on the right foot when Burt comes rolling in and you can hear him and his car before he pulls into the parking lot. YHC is not sure if he sleeps or not or has 6 cups of coffee before he posts, but he is always ready, loud and usually has a musical accompaniment. Today was no different and had a beautiful American flag tank top to really set the mood. The weather was warm and the men were ready..on to it.

Warmup: jog down and around to basketball court 15x mtn climbers, 15x good mornings, 15x imperial walkers.

Thang: jog to top of the hill. Partner up. P1 take off down to shelter and 10x dips, then jog to bball court and 10x derkeins, then back to top of the hill. Whilst P1 was gone, P2 did prisoner squats oyo. Flapjack. Next, repeato with 20x dips, 20x derkeins while P2 did 6″ leg hold. Flapjack. Next, P1 25xdips at shelter, 25x derkeins at bball court, while P2 does 3x starjumps then American Hammers until P1’s return.

Onto to sqerkeins with P1 down on a 1:2 ratio derkeins to P2 squats. Up to 4 derkeins and 8 squats (this is harder than it sounds). Flapjack.

Onto to YHC’s old favorite, peoples choice ladder. Count off 1-11 and remember your number. Start and one exercise then jog a ways and always do the previous exercises first at each stop and adding one more rung of the ladder. Each man recalled his number and was ready to call out the next exercise as we ran around and around for quite some time. 1xmerkein, then 1x merkein 2x burpee, 1x merkein 2x burpee 3x manmakers and so forth

1x merkein, 2x burpee, 3x manmakers, 4x Frederick mercury, 5x jump knee tucks, 6x mtn climbers, 7x side plank crunches (thanks Ma Bell and big T claps for 5 posts in 5 days), a brief pause in the jogging action to bear crawl 1/3 up the large field hill, backward bear crawl up 1/3, and regular bc the rest, then 8x plank jacks, 9x diamond merkeins, 10x sumo squats, and Callahan had us go around the circle for 11 counts on 6″ leg holds.

Namarama, announcements and Burt took us out.

Very nice to have Duckhunt with us today from South Carolina. Always good to host a fresh face. Good end of the week men, always an honor to lead. Final note, young Callahan got a fresh Danger Zone tank top thanks to Burt. Lookin’ good.