Despite the threat of rain and lightening 14 pax journeyed out to Baileywick to post like big boys. Many reached their limits, but no man was left behind and all finished strong. Superstar even got to lead us off this morning showing that no matter your age or experience, anyone can Q.

0530 Extra Credit – Friar Tuck
Run entrance road back toward Baileywick. Left u-turn onto paved path and run it with 5 stops:

Stop1: Mericans X10, Squats x10, Flutters x10

Stop 2: Mericans x20, Squats x20, Flutters x20

Stop 3: Mericans x30, Squats x30, Flutters x30

Stop 4: Mericans x50, Squats x50, Flutters x50

Stop 5: Burpees x20

Juggernaut – 5:45
No FNG’s, gave the disclaimer…follow me.

Mosey around the greenway to the rock pile. Circle up for warm up.

SSH X 25, Mericans X 15, Mountain Climbers X 20, Imperial Walkers X 20, Sir Fazios X 20.


Grab your new buddy from the rock pile!

Curls X 10, Shoulder press X 10, Tricep press X 10, and bent over rows X 10.

Pass the rock to the right and follow me. Mosey to the parking lot and partner up.

Partner 1 – bear crawl suicides, partner 2 amrap curls with rock. Flap jack.

Partner 1 – crab walk suicides, partner 2 amrap shoulder press. Flap jack.

Partner 1 – broad jump suicides, partner 2 amrap tricep press. Flap jack.

Partner 1 – gorilla crawl suicides, partner 2 amrap bent over rows. Flap Jack.

Mosey with rock around the greenway with one stop for more curls, presses, and rows. Deposit rock and back to the parking lot.


lbc’s X 25, protractor, then a 6 inch 10 count all around.

Namearama, announcements, prayer requests, and closed out. Coffeeteria at Sola Cafe (a new normal).

It was a great turnout for Juggernaut and we hope you will join us next week! Thanks to all who posted this morning.