With WCPSS spring break this week and a thunderstorm raging at 5:30a, YHC thought the turnout might be low.  It turned out that the final tally was a small yet sturdy PAX of 4, all ready to work… rain, sop, and all.  Theme of the day was an easy inspiration as all 3 Triangle schools begin Sweet 16 action tonight and Friday night.

No FNGs, disclaimer understood, go time.


Backwards run up one parking lot row, karaoke (switch directions halfway) down next row over, run up to entrance

Run from park entrance to corner of Edwards Mill & Glen Eden, stop at every electrical post for the following, in cadence:

Good morning X16

Mtn climbers X16

Prisoner squats X16 (straight count)

Merkins X16

Imperial walker X16

Bear crawl from last post to the intersection….  by this point Kumquat had “cracked the code” on the Sweet 16 theme.  More of that to come


The Thang

PAX run from top of hill at intersection to the bottom of Glen Eden (apartment entrance across from greenway entrance) with 16 burpees at the top, 16 burpees at first apartment entrance, and 16 burpees at the bottom.  Repeato going back up the hill and back down once more.  This one hurt, but the PAX were soothed by a steady drizzle.

Brisk mosey up the greenway back into the park and all the way to the basketball court (shocker) for a set of 16s: line up on basketball sideline to sideline, diamond merkins & WWII situps.  Doesn’t read as too much on paper, but it was a burner.  A little plankorama to finish out

Low country crab X16

Decline nipplers X16 (1 = both nips)… done on bball court wall



3/27 (tomorrow) — The Arena workout at The Healing Place at 2:30p.  Thanks to Countrywide for reiterating how impactful this site is in helping those battling through more than just a temporary workout grind.  These are men fighting addiction, and F3 provides them a healthy & challenging outlet.  Held every two weeks, so set time aside on a Friday afternoon to post.

4/11 — Mud Run

4/18 — F3 flag football tourney fundraiser benefiting Neighbor to Neighbor

4/25 — F3 Dads, 915am at Fletcher Park

Prayers for friend (Amanda) of Swingline whose father was just diagnosed with ALS at age 55.

YHC took us out


Enjoy the basketball —

Always a privilege to lead!