Kickstarter got a dose of March Madness competition fever and as one Pax member later put it “I was sufficiently tired..” It was great to get back in the Q saddle again and see the Kickstarter Pax start off the week strong.

Warm Up

  • Light stretching (quads/hammys) 10 count
  • Neck rolls 10 count
  • Sir Fazios 20x
  • Merkins 10x
  • Lung Walk

The Thang

  • Partner wheel barrels down to the Stop sign  (flapjack)
  • Plank hold competition
    • Everyone in a standard (elbow) plank position
    • Hold it with proper form as long as possible
    • Proper squats until last man planking…
    • …and the winner is Watson!
  • Lung walk
  • Tunnel of love (bear crawl under two lines of men squatting while forming roof of the tunnel with arms locked)
  • Burpee line in the mud (2x)
  • Flying Dutchmen competition (picnic table carry with one Pax member doing merkins on top)
  • Jacob’s Ladder


  • Dolly 10x
  • Rosalita 10x
  • LBCs 10x
  • Dying cockroach 10x
  • Flutter kicks 10x
  • Feel the burn (6 inch holds)


  • Slow Pitch introduced us to his son who after learning he eats everything in site became Corral after America’s beloved all you can eat buffet chain
  • Nickelback prayed the Pax out