It was a chilli Saturday morning at the Crick where we travel the 4 nations in the spirit of the Avatar: The Air Temples, The Earth Kingdom, The Fire Nation, and the Water Tribe. We focused on movement based on the bending disciplines of each nation.

The Thang:

Quick job to start the warmup:

Side straddle hops, Good mornings, Windmills, Alternating Lunges, and high knees.

Mosey over to the parking lot loop


4x4x4 (4 exercises, 4 rep, 4 times)  Jump Knee tucks, Ski abs, Mountain climbers, side straddle hops. Hold a horse stance after the last set. Then repeat, adding a 5th exercise (high knees) and a 5th rep, 5 times.

While at the end of the lot, PAX did side straddle hops while each member did a lap around the parking lot one a time until everyone ran. Then repeat doing high knees.


30 sec low plank hold, Then while planking bring knees to elbows on a slow 4 count in, 4 count out, 3 times each leg.  Then slow 4 count Amerkians down, slow 4 count up for a total 5.  Then Repeat.

Grab a Rock:

In cadence: 12 -Curls, 10 – Shoulder Press to tricep extension, 12 – Bent over rows. Repeat, dropping down to 10 reps of the exercises.

Mosey over to the ramp by the boiler room dumpster. PAX Spider-man on the rail to the end, then bear crawl back to start and repeat.


Mosey to the other side of the wall for 30 sec People’s Chair, the lower for another 30. Recover. The Peoples Chair again for 60 sec total with leg extended, alternating legs every 15 seconds.

The Pike pyramid, starting a 10, going down to 1.


Mosey over to covered picnic table area

Yoga stetches:  2 deep breaths in, down to a flat back position with arms extended, the down to floor. Reach to stretch right hamstring, then back to middle, then left hamstring. Extend down for hip flexor stretches on each leg.


Spring half way across field, 5 star jumps, sprint back. 10 high knees.  10 seconds horse stance hold, then repeat.


Back to picnic table.

LBC,C-Sit Leg lifts, each leg. Freddy Mecurys.


Prayers out to Spurrier’s father as he is going in for surgery.

Mud Run – April 11th

It was awesome leading this fine group. Looking forward to next time. All are encouraged to catch up on the series.