10 PAX, including YHC, chose to begin their week with a mixture of pain, burn, and sweatin’.  The 50-something degree temperature made it feel like a morning in mid-May…can’t argue with that.  YHC woke up with what he feared might be a stomach bug, and he warned his fellow PAX of his potential demise.  After both this and the normal disclaimer, the group was off on a Q inspired by Matthew 6:22.

Warm Up

Indian Run around the school track


Circle up on basketball court — x22 in cadence


Good mornings


Imperial Walker

Mountain climbers



The Thang

Grab a rock, line up on the sideline of tennis court: rock exercise + down to far sideline & back drill

Rock curl (in cadence) x22 –> sprint down & back

Rock press (in cadence) x22 –> bear crawl down, sprint back

Inverted row (in cadence) x22 –> broad jump down, sprint back

Tricep extension (in cadence) x22 –> lunge walk down, sprint back

Rock squat (OYO) x22 –> karaoke down, karaoke back

Rock curl (in cadence) x22 –> sprint down & back

Fast mosey into the neighborhood to the base “Ol Trusty”…. Rangecrest Drive


Sprint to the top of “Ol Trusty”; partner up for — P1 run to base of “Ol Trusty” and back, P2 complete exercise x22 or until P1 returns…flapjack

Burpees > Skiabs > Hand-release merkins  …. YHC had more planned, but ran out of time

Fast mosey back to site parking lot


Mary = ‘Merican Hammers x22  ….. TIME UP


Great effort by all, especially tackling “Ol Trusty”, a beast of a hill.  YHC made it through without spilling Merlot or worse.


COT / Announcements

3rd anniversary F3 Raleigh at Pullen Park on Saturday, 3/7 @ 6:45

Krispy Kreme Challenge on 2/14

Mud Run 4/11 — sign up in teams of 4


Prayer Requests

Overdraft for his son as he works out with / tries out for the Charleston Battery

Hush Puppy’s father and family

Cold Stone’s wife was just diagnosed with MS… prayers her, Cold Stone, and family


Thanks to Pink Slip who took us out in prayer


Naked Moleskin

At the beginning of The Thang I informed the PAX that the workout was inspired by Matthew 6:22.  I shared that verse, as well as the following verse, during COT:


“The eye is the lamp of the body.  So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light.  But if your eye is unhealthy your whole body will be full of darkness.  If then the light in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!”


This is one of many lessons that Jesus spoke during his Sermon on the Mount, and it’s one that drew my attention due to the visual correlation between “light” that we see F3 bring into the literal darkness of the Gloom.  My take on this particular scripture is that the eye is the metaphorical “window” into our soul, and at the same time what guides us through each day.  When we focus our eye, if our lens and reaction is of a generous and God-filled spirit, then we are filled with the light of God.  This light then radiates to those we encounter.