After 2 for EC, 19 pax gathered at Crabtree for a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Good group, good energy on a nice Friday morning.

1 Faux FNG, so a bit of a disclaimer, then

SSH x20
Imperial Walkers x20
Windmills x20
Bent-over Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10
Bent-over fly x20
Repeat bent-over exercises

Mosey to a curb for Quick Feet x20

Gather at the bottom of ramp.
3 times up, then down the stairs at the top
>Backward run up the ramps (shout-out to Life Alert for pushing the pace)
>20 reps of an exercise at the top of each ramp (As usual, Duff and at times Countrywide pushed   us all on these)
>Forward run the flats
>LBCs until everyone finished each circuit
The three exercises were:
1) Reverpees: This may have been the introduction of this exercise to some. Much complaint, especially from YHC.
2) Hand-release Merkins
3) Duck smashers: not really what they were called; the mumblechatter on this was pretty amusing

Up 2 levels of stairs at the Creedmoor end of the deck
Run to short wall opposite Belk with stops for 4 5-Merkin sets

Count off in 3’s for 2 circuits:
1st group BTW against Belk
2nd group Irkins on the short wall
3rd group bear crawls to relieve group on other side

Jog to area in front of Belk entrance for
20 Freddie Mercurys

Recover on the run, down stairs to ground level
Everyone, all that you have left back to start, then…

WW II sit-ups x10
LBC x20
American Hammer x30

Healing Transitions workout every Friday afternoon

Prayer Requests:
Continued prayers for and thanks from Orwell
Zima’s mother-in-law

It was a privilege to lead. YHC is particularly proud of good friend Jelly Belly for a great attitude and increasing post rate! Keep up the good work (everyone)!