Nine men showed up to the Danger Zone yesterday morning to learn the magic number of the day: 7. With Shut In dealing with more important matters (prayers to you and yours, brother), Large Mouth and McCants took over the Q and turned men into, well, tired men.

But first there was Franklin. Franklin the Glorious. Franklin the Wise. Franklin the Initiator? Why yes. Your humble author, a believer in an extra 10-15 minutes of warming up to allow his frail human form to withstand multiple 1st Fs a week, arrived at the Zone to engage in his morning tradition. Yet before he could begin, through the dark, dank morning air, a princely man topped with a quaff of silver approached, and uttered these simple words: “Follow me.”

How could I say no? His smile was overwhelming, his eyes glistening, and his hair a crown of a king! A man meant to be followed.

That man was Franklin. Yes, the Franklin of which I speak is the same Franklin you know. The initiator of EC.

Then we did Australian pushups, dips, pullups, Supermans, LBCs, Burpees, American Hammers, wide grip merkins, diamond merkins and some Mary. The end.

Please lift up Shut In and his family in your prayers this weekend. Please also lift up Goose and his family. Life is beautiful, but can be short and full of hard decisions. Let God and your brothers help shoulder the weight when it comes.