YHC, Fava, & Shaggy ran a bit, with some burpees thrown, in to get the cobwebs out before the pax gathered on the grounds of the Capitol for Thursday’s edition of the General. I really like this AO, and I encourage the pax to try it out. There’s a ton to do around there, and you’ve got one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture in North Carolina as a launching pad.

The pax turned out in droves this morning, and I thought for a second I made a wrong turn into JC Penney for Urban Jungle. 29 of us, including Neck “the Pantyman” Brace from Lake Murray South Cack. He brought along an FNG buddy who recently moved to our area from the Atl, and for some reason, there was a little good-hearted mumblechatter in the air.

The Thang

Circle up at the top of the mall between the museums for a warmup COP
20 burpees OYO
10 good mornings
20 imperial walkers
20 mountain climbers

Pair up
-Partner 1 stays at the top and does repeating sets of 10 box jumps & 10 derkins.
-Partner 2 sprints to the end of the mall closest to the Legislative Building, does 10 merkins, sprints back.
-Flapjack through so that each partner does each set 4 times through.

Fellowship jog down and around the Legilative Building, lunge walk the bridge, and gather with your partner again at the big grass mall.

Partner 1 does AMRAP burpees
Partner 2 broad jumps the width of the mall, does 10 merkins, sprints back.
Partner 1 does AMRAP squat jumps
Partner 2 bear crawls width of mall, 10 merkins, sprints back.
Partner 1 does AMRAP star jumps
Partner 2 gorilla walks width of mall, 10 merkins, sprints back

Fellowship jog back around right side of building, stopping at the big square planter area. Find a spot on the planter ledge(about 18″ high?) for a Chong Li Special
20 quick feet
20 incline merkins
10 decline Peter Parkers
*Repeat thrice

Mosey back across Jones St where we stumbled across a WTVD news crew, so naturally we did a set of monkey humpers. Guess these things are called taint ticklers down the Low(brow)country. We would never use that language up here in North Cack.

Bear crawl up the mall to Edenton St and circle up for Mary. Long-a$$ bear crawl.

20 box cutter
20 Homer to Marge
20 Dying Cockroach


Fun workout this morning. Great group as always, but we were a little more chipper for some reason. So during name o rama, the FNG called his buddy Neck Brace out for wearing Daisey Duke-style workout shorts. See www.goruck.com for correct name: panties. Panties, son. You wore panties. Then the conversation did a couple of trips around the toilet bowl before plopping into the water like a huge turd. Something about being behind Neck Brace with those panties on while bear crawling. Anywhoo, a superb start to Thursday. Thanks, gents, for supporting me and all the other pax present. Thanks to Neck Brace for seeking us out while in town. Great to have you brother. Aye!