On a recent trip to the orthopedist (been battling tendonitis in the right achilles for a while), YHC was advised to stop running for 90 days or Santa will be bringing a surgery for Christmas.  Duly noted Doc.  Therefore, as the Pax gathered in the Gloom today, they were informed that today’s edition of The Crick would be non-running (at least for me).  With a FNG present, a full proper disclaimer was given and so it began.

YHC did not want to completely deprive the Pax of the chance to stretch their legs, so Pax were instructed to make a lap around the soccer fields and meet YHC at the bball court for warm-ups.


  • Good Mornings – 15x
  • Imperial Walkers – 25x
  • Windmill – 15x
  • Plank Jacks – 25x
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles – 25x both ways with a 10-count per Pax in between

The Thang

Pax were afforded another opportunity to stretch their legs by a mosey around the bus loop and meet YHC at the rock pile.  Once gathered at the rock pile, Pax were instructed to grab an ego rock (Kanye didn’t disappoint).  The following ensued.

  • Curls – 15x
  • Nippler – 15x
  • OH Press – 15x
  • CDDs – 15x
  • Rows – 15x
  • Poke-the-Hole – 15x
  • Tricep Ext. – 15x
  • LBCs – 15x

We rolled through 5 sets of these.  Pax picked up the pattern after the 2nd set…..YHC brain-farted on the 3rd set and almost skipped the LBCs at the end of that set.  Gronk quickly caught the mistake and spoke up……said he didn’t want to miss the “rest exercise”…..good call Gronk.  At the beginning of the 4th set, YHC offered to swap rocks with Kanye…..poor choice…..if YHC had that rock the whole time, we would have never made it through 5 sets.  Luckily, Nickelback fell on the sword for the 5th set & we swapped rocks for that one.

With 5 sets done, rocks returned, & Pax stretched legs with a scenic route around parking lot and met YHC back at the bball court for…..

  • 11s – Squats & WWIIs
  • 11s – Merkins & Monkey Humpers


  • Homer-to-Marge – 25x
  • 6-Inch Leg Hold – 25x
  • LBCs – 25x
  • WWIIs – 25x

YHC was out of ideas & smoked at this point (first time I posted to Quickhatch then Q’d The Crick right after & I felt it).  Tried to call it a day & start COT 5 minutes early, Gronk wasn’t having it.  Gronk noted the 5 minutes remaining & suggested dealer’s choice (thanks for stepping up & keeping me honest).  Gronk led off with Gronk-Jacks……can’t remember all of the rest but notables were Slutters, Burpees, Freddie Mercurys, etc.

And then it was time for COT.



  • Labor Day Convergence – Pullen 7am – there will be a non-running option
  • 9/11 Stair Climb – Carter Finley – get there at 6:30am
  • The Crick Triple Down – 9/24 – 6:15–9:15 – see Kanye for details
  • The Rock (endurance event near Burlington) – 12/5 – get with G-Vegas if interested


  • Friend of G-Vegas & Bushwacker – had emergency surgery earlier in the week – long recovery ahead
  • Trump’s Mom
  • Spurrier’s parents & family
  • Watson’s friend – pray for peace & comfort

Kanye took us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead gentlemen.  For me personally, today epitomized what F3 is all about…..your brothers getting the best out of you when you don’t think you have your best to give.  Without F3, I probably let my achilles become an excuse to not work out today.  With F3, I started my Saturday with a 1:45 beatdown…..very grateful fellas.