The Count

The Pax were in for a surprise lesson today. What was the subject? Math. What were we teaching? That even the Pax can count past 30.

Warm Up: SSH x100, Mountain Climbers x50, Precision Squats x100, Jack Web Ladder to 12.

The Thang:From the parking lot we took a yog to everyones’ favorite retaining wall for some Peoples Chair and Balls-to-the-Wall Merkins (BW Merks), a 30 count of each. About half way through is when we discovered that Johnny Utah actually counts like a red neck: Nine, Ten… Hold on, i gotta take my shoes off again! Recover on the yog to the bridge for some partner carries. Flap Jack and turn up the speed. As always, plank it out.

On the yog back towards the dam we just happen to pass our favorite retaining wall again and i just couldnt pass up the chance for more Peoples Chair and BW Merks, again a 30 count of each. Yog to bottom of dam, Bear Crawl to the top of the dam, yog across the dam, bear crawl back down the other side of the dam. Dam.

At this point the Pax were getting a little tired of listening to yours truly drone on about qualities of a traditional hand planer, so we circled up for a little bit of 30-count You Call Its with some pull ups mixed in. LBCs, Merkins, Precision Squats, Burpees, Hello Dollys, and 6 inch Leg Holds all made the list.


  • Welcome FNG Hooch.
  • Labor Day Convergence at Jaycee Park, 7 AM
  • Murph this Saturday at Pullen Park
  • 9/11 Remembrance Stair Run – See Gnobby