It was a cool crisp morning at Pullen Park, 17 Pax posted for another glorious Forge experience. YHC decided that it was time for Iron to sharpen Iron at the Forge, and thus we partnered up for some exciting PAIN.

Warmup: SSH x 25, GM x 15, Sir Fazio Arm Circles (No abbreviation for the Sir Fazio Arm Circle) x20

The Thang: Run to the stone circle for a brief stop to do some more quick SSH x 20

To the Grass we meandered, hurdling the shrubs for a quick Merkin-o-rama: Diamond x 10, wide x 10, standard x 10, partner x 10 (partners are new. Partner one planks, partner 2 places legs on partner one in decline style. Both partners proceed to perform a merkin at the same time. 5 each, flapjack).

on to the concrete for a relay race around the carousel. while partner 1 races three times, partner 2 does: squat hold, burpees, squat hold. Flap jack. FUN!

Back to the grass for some rest…as in more merkin-o-rama. diamonds x 10, standards x 11.

To the wall for some single leg step ups, 10 for each leg, not alternating. Incline merkins x 10, dips x 10, more inclines x 10, more dips x 10, incline plank x 10, incline low plank hold x 10, french dip x 10, decline plank x 10, decline low plank hold x 5.

Can you feel your arms quiver?

Then we made our way to the mini amphitheater for 11s! Due to space restrictions, partner 1 planked and we relayed the 11 rotations. Merkins starting at 1, squats at the top starting at 10. We worked our way through, with all PAX completing everything.

After we finished that we moved on to the grasspatch for plank-a-rama. SSH x 15, Standard x 10, Sarkozy x 10, Putin x 10, Chilcutt x 10, Chilcutt Sarkozy x 10, Chilcut Putin x 10.

Mary: WWII x 25, LBC x 45, Rosa x 10, Dolly x 10, Rosa-Dolly x 10, 90s x 10, 6s x 10, 90 x 10.

Run to the starting point SSH x 20.

The Moleskin

There weren’t alot of high reps today, but we kept moving and the PAX did great. We made up for the low counts with high intensity moves. YHC is still smoked.

Moneyhose will be giving a backblast drafting course in the near future. YHC is obviously signing up.

HH this Thursday at PR, 7:30

New workout tomorrow at Action Park in the Quay, 5:45am. Get with Howard about info.

Prayers for Slash’s friend with ALS.