Thanks for tuning in to a tape delayed broadcast of this week’s Catalyst Backblast.  With one particularly vociferous exception, thanks for the support of the Pax as I’ve had to procure a computer with which to post this correspondence.  Thanks but no thanks to Chong for trying to charge me $1,873 to ship a “key part” from the Maylay Peninsula.  21*** Pax and off we go.

The Thang:

Warm Up: Jog through the Straits of Bus Gibraltar, past the driveway, down the sidewalk, through the fence gates, and into the Portolet-Football Sled parking grass.  SSHs, Mountain Climbers, Imperial Walkers, Sir Nigel Fazio, OBE Arm Circles.

First Evolution: 100 Jack Webbs (1, 2, 3…10, 9, 8..).  Power Leg Interlude: Air Squats, Single Leg Lunges, Modified Curtis Painter Complex (Left Lunge, Air Squat, Right Lunge, Air Squat, Left Lunge); Alternating Apollo Ohnos; Diamond Mericans (lots).

Transition:  Jog past the massing groups of Capital City Steelers parents; lunge walk up the field access ramp; muster in the very back of the school.

Second Evolution:  100 Jack Webbs, as above.  Power Leg Interlude.  Diamond Mericans (lots).

Transition: Jog down the field access ramp; muster at the edge of the basketball blacktop

Third Evolution: Group 1: Seven Line Suicide Sprints; Group 2: Plankorama (led by Steriod and Cinderella, respectively).  Flapjack X 3.  Four Corner Line Hops (singe leg, double leg, clockwise, counterclockwise.  Curtis Painter Leg Complex.  Diamond Mericans (there’s a pattern).

Transition:  Jog up the field access stairs, past the Capital City Steelers ticket takers.  Through the herds of actual Capital City Steelers; well wishes exchanged; Go Big Yellow.  Muster in grassy area near launch point.

Fourth Evolution:  50 Jack Webbs (1, 2, 3, 4..7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 2).  Mary (Russian Hammers, WWII Sit Ups).


  • Excellent work by all hands on Saturday morning.  Thanks to Ron Burgundy for some great scouting work.  Early reports are Burgundy parked the News Truck at Carroll and reported live all-night.  We stretched the grounds by utilizing nearly every grass area outside the football field.
  • Kudos and tclaps and backflips for everybody’s favorite daytime TV duo–Judge Wapner & Roland.  Elias Sports Bureau confirms that Wapner and Roland posted a whopping 5 of 6 days in their very first week of the F3 experience.  As far back as such records are kept, that’s a record of commitment and devotion.  Well played.
  • Kudos also to Bullseye for being direct and honest about the source of his involvement in F3–hint:  It had to do with a shaggy haired Columbus Countian “standing in his room at 0600 on a Saturday telling him he was going to do it…”
  • We did 250 Jack Webbs on Saturday with at least 30 but maybe 40 diamond Mericans for fun.  We speckled the event with leg work to the point where YHC was feeling it on Sunday.  Curtis Painter didn’t do anything off the fantasy waiver wire two seasons ago, but he can work the legs.  No complaints, and, for good measure, people actually complained over the shortened set in the fourth evolution.
  • In preparing this Backblast, I stumbled on the following definition contained in the Oxford English Dictionary:   “au pair” 1. noun.  A person usually a young foreign visitor, employed to take care of children, do housework, etc., in exchange for room and board; We sent the children to the beach with the au pair.  2. adjective.  Of, pertaining to, or employed under such an arrangement: an au pair girl  3.  noun.  A bottomless fount of jibber jabber: When the au pair started up, my own noggin started to hurt and I had to take a powder. 
  • Thanks for the opportunity to lead the North Country frontier of F3 Raleigh.  We had a great time at Pantana Bob’s Panera afterwards and confirmed interesting facts, such as Tin Cup, Mister Rogers, and Epoxy are all brothers-in-law, but each is not necessarily each other’s brothers in law.  Another one:  no one, including Peak Week, is absolutely sure that Peak Week occurs anywhere else but in Chong Li’s noggin.  Think about those for a while.
  • I am regularly inspired by the company we are lucky enough to keep.  Whatever life is bringing any one of us, another has likely endured it and excelled.  There’s strength in that.
  • ***If you are still reading this and you were the Pax who asked me about having practice spears, please sound off.  A little mystery as to potentially the 22nd Pax.  If we did have 22 Pax, we take the #LaRussa from the boys at Pullen, who nearly mutinied when Munson called for the fourth bowling ball toss.
  • Finally, well done to our Spartan men: Dieter, Utah, Chong and Maize.  After event photos indicate that Chong chose to channel his inner unabomber in celebration.  #noquestions