Not much banter this morning as a PAX of 9 rolled in at North Hills.  In fact, the mood was downright Belichickish (#sadsadclown) and seemed to match the chill of the morning air.  Nonetheless, we planted the SF and headed out.

The Thang:

Slightly extended warm up run around a block of our midtown utopia

Warm-up circle:  SSH’s x 30, Windmills x 20, Plank Jacks x 30, Imperial Walkers x 20

Parking Lot o’ Fun:

  • High knees down length of main parking lot
  • Butt-kickers coming back
  • Karaoke down length of parking lot
  • Partner up for leap frog burpees coming back

Mosey over to Cemetery Ridge:

  • Partner 1 wheelbarrows up hill, both partners do 5 squat jumps at top and head back down on foot – flapjack x 3 each
  • Partner 1 bear crawls up hill, does 5 mercans and forward crab walks back down while partner 2 does squat hold at bottom of hill – flapjack x 3 each

Head over to rock pile and grab one:

  • Partner 1 does circle sprint around parking lot with rock while partner 2 does exercise with rock – flapjack x 3
  • 1st exercise – squats, 2nd exercise – curls, 3rd exercise – squat press

Run back to main lot for quick round of Mary:  Freddy Mercs x 30, Rosalitas x 30, Hammers x 30,  6-inch leg hold for circle 5-count



  • Quiet crowd this morning, but a lot of good work was done.  #nosetothegrindstone
  • Continued prayers for Fungo as he continues his adventures in India. No rest for the weary as he will lead the way next Monday morning.  Here’s hoping that the cleanse diet has not taken on a whole new meaning for him during his time away.
  • Reminder of upcoming events – Spartan Sprint on 3/23 in Charlotte and GoRuck Challenge on 5/25 in Raleigh – details forthcoming.  Mark them on your calendars.
  • Finally, in light of today’s remembrance of Dr. King, may we continue to push each other to be known and judged by nothing more and nothing less than the content of our character.  I’m thankful for this group of men that strives to do that every time we gather.  See you in the gloom.