Eight surly ruckers gathered in the sub-freezing gloom to embrace the suck for an hour before our standard Pullen beatdown.

The Thang:

Warmup with Imperial Walkers x 20, Squats x 20, Merkins x 20.

Fast mosey 1/4 mile across the tracks to the rock pile to pickup some friends so Buddy won’t be lonely.  Each pax picks a friend and we head to the half-pipe.  Three trips through the half-pipe with friends in tow.  Exercises at the start of each trip (merkins x 20, lunges x 20, burpees x 10), climb the fence and back down on the far side of the pipe, return to start, plank until all pax returns.

Mosey (slower this time since YHC is winded) to the baseball field for some partner carries.  3 man teams, 2 pax carry another 40 yards then switch who carries who.  The two pax not doing the carry must pickup double coupons for the 40 yards out and back.  Repeat until each pax does two carries.  Finish up the ball game with some diamond merkins and a 30 count squat hold.

More mosey over to the NCSU bell tower for a walking merkin circle, avoiding solitary figure at the bell tower.  Circle up, 2 merkins, walk the plank to the left, repeat x 5.  Move on over to the grass and partner up for 20 yard wheelbarrows through the frost.  Switch and repeat.  Solitary figure then approaches the pax and offers for us to join him in some form of protest which he indicated was only legal if you were a student.  White Shoe counters with offer for him to join F3 and embrace some pain with the pax.  Offer not accepted, the pax moves on…

Quick mosey back to the rock pile to return friends to their families.  Back to the other side of the tracks, and join waiting brethren for the standard Pullen fun lead by Grease Monkey.


Another great morning of Saturday fun with my F3 brothers.  As usual I wouldn’t push half as hard without them.  On the return trip from the bell tower we encountered a shadowy figure coming out of the gloom.  It was Money Hose after a tour of the NCSU campus trying to locate the pax.  T-claps for the effort brother!  We’ll be there again next week.

Buck Rogers decoder report – http://www.trainingpeaks.com/av/E2U2VBYUPSN66FIU4APD2P22KQ