5 Hearty Souled Pax would not be deterred by the cold. Speaking of the cold, we got right down to business.

The Thang:
Run around the playground to the opposite side of the field.

• Side Straddle Hops x20
• Good Mornings x20
• Imperial Walkers x20
• Standard Merkins x20
• Mountain Climbers x20
• Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 forward x10 reverse

Run down the trail down to the entrance of the park.
• 10 Burpees – Partner Carry to the First Speed Bump
• 20 Merkins – Partner Carry to the Second Speed Bump
• 30 Squats – Bear Crawl to the Last Speed Bump
• 40 LBCs – Run back up the trail around the playground back to the entrance of the park

Mosey to the rock pile; grab a good one.
• Bicep Curls x10
• Bent Over Row x10
• Overhead Press x10
• Tricep Extension x10

Run to the top of the parking lot for Mary
• Low Slow Flutter Kicks x20
• LBCs x20
• WWII Sit Ups x20
• Heals to Heaven x20
• Boxcutters x20
• Merican Hammers x20

Prayers for Cold Stone’s Wife and both Grady’s Mother and Mother-in-Law

It was an honor and a pleasure to lead these gentlemen this morning.

God Bless My Friend,
Bob Ross