Shovel Flag planted in the courtyard of The Healing Place of Wake County. Thanks to a last-minute recruiting push by Torch (who would not be joining us for the workout today), we welcomed 3 FNGs to the 2 returning THP Pax and 7 off-campus Pax bringing the total to 12 gathering in the courtyard on Friday afternoon (well, actually 11 until a tardy T-n-G sniffed us out down the road).

This is what happened to the best of my recollection:

Run from courtyard to parking lot to Goode St. and proceed to the “gas station” area near the corner of Goode and Biggs

SSH x15 IC
Imperial Walker x10 IC
5 Burpees OYO
Prisoner Squats x10 IC
5 Burpees OYO
Mountain Climber x10 IC
5 Burpees OYO

The Thang
Split into 3 groups
3 stations:
1.Loop (backward run around loop serving as our timekeepers)
2.Burpee AMRAP
3.Sit-up AMRAP

When loop group finishes, switch stations. Move trough all stations twice

Everyone find a spot on the curb of the “gas station” loop
Bearcrawl across street to opposite curb – Irkin x3 then backward bearcrawl back to original curb – Derkin x3

Repeat w/ x2 each Irk-n-Derk on both curbs
Repeat w/ x1 each Irk-n-Derk on both curbs

Mosey across Goode and find a rock
Curl x10 IC
Row x10 IC
Press x10 IC

Repeat Rock circuit

Trot back to the courtyard for:

WWII situps x10 IC
LBC x10 IC
6-inch leg hold x20 IC

Strong work by all. I’m proud of the THP-ers, especially the new guys.

Arena T-Shirts in the works. Patients who attend a number of times will get one (oops, forgot the number…5?)

Thoughts/prayers for friends of High Life, Vector Victor, and Wristy

Props to Ron Mexico, T-n-G, Duff (others?) for completing the double-down as they posted at a workout this a.m. as well.

Countrywide took us out in BoM

Thanks for having me, it was an honor to do it. I’ve got a soft spot for this workout.