2 lone PAX opted to continue to carry their rucks on their back, instead of in their stomach.

The Thang:
Fasten your ruck and double-time it around the path to the opposite side of the field.
• Squats x20
• Good Mornings x20
• Imperial Walkers x20
• Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 forward / x10 reverse

Double time down the straightaway to the metal bench
• Irkins x15
• Dips x15

Exit through the woods to the outer perimeter.
March up the hill to the stairway entrance to the school for a set of Nine’s.
Star Jumps at the base, Squats at the top.

March back around the rest of the perimeter and re-enter the field, up the path to the big kid playground.
• 20 Left / Right Step Ups
• 10 Pull Ups

March down the hill for a quick set of Mary
• LBCs x20
• Merican Hammers x20

God Bless My Friend,
Bob Ross