A day before this latest LOD post, the heavens opened up and dumped inches of rain within a couple hours, pushing Crabtree Creek and its tributaries over the banks.  The PAX of 12 assembled on Oxford and were met with remnants of a small flood and thick, swampy air.  Perfect!

Warm Up

Merkins (in cadence) X 10

SSH X 25

GM X 10

Prisoner Squat (cadence) X 10


Mosey over to base of LOD hill and partner up.  Sprint up to first street lamp, 10 hand clap merkins, sprint to second street lamp, 10 hand claps, sprint to stop light, 20 star jumps (individually).  This served as a way for us to get over to the

Claremont Lounge

This is the rectangle of a circuit across Anderson from Lourdes, about a half a mile in length.  Stay with partner and perform three laps of the following:

Partner Chase — P1 5 hand release, P2 runs and is caught, flap jack… when you reach each corner of the circuit perform exercise alongside partner:

Corner 1 = 10 burpees

Corner 2 = 20 jump squats

Corner 3 = 30 nipplers

Corner 4 = 40 freddie mercury


PAX powered through the Lounge, and then moseyed back over to parking deck for a quick suicide sesh:

P1 suicide to each column and back… P2 Diamond Merkins, flap jack

Same as above, WWII situps


Headed back to home base parking lot for Mary

LBCs pyramid — 5-10-15-10-5




“Sasquatch” running in Greenville on 7/30, check out F3 site for details

Boucher co-Qing Ball Bearings …. maiden Q, AYE!

New workout at Daniels Middle…”Anchor Time” on Weds at 530 starting 7/27

Prayers for our brothers with newborns and their families…prayers for our nation and our world



Always a pleasure leading you men.  Aye!