18+1 FNG. Disclaimer stated quickly and we were off one minute late according to fart sacking Hotspots timepiece. Slow mosey around the traffic island and circle up for SSH, mountain, climbers, low plank hold, Imperial Walker.

Indian run to the playground; 15 minute AMLAP:  5 pull-ups, run to road – 15 monkey Humpers, bear crawl length of guard rail – 25 ankle touches…….repeato….run back to pull-ups.

Mosey towards start, stopping at guard rail. 15 minute AMLAP: run to b-ball court -10 box jumps, jog to speed hump -20 Merkins, feet first crab walk length of guard rail -30 hammers…..repeato

Mosey to start for Mary. J-Los and flutter kicks

Keep the following in your prayers; Jolly Rancher awaiting financial aid for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment. Chinese downhill. YHCs sister. Ollies father. And those others no

    t mentioned
    Sasquatch Saturday-get with Saban, Katniss, or Banjo regarding clown car.
    9-11 stair climb will be coming up mark it on your calendar’s

    YHC took us out asking for patience, understanding and Grace

    That has it pretty much covered.
    6:32 am and Grease Monkey wearing a scowl. In the books 

    Welcome FNG Flip Flop Ultimate frisbee playing cousin to our guest, Offshore from F3 Richmond