31 PAX gathered at Carroll Middle School at 7:00am on a hot Saturday morning to get their weekends off to a strong start.  Paper Cut a no-show despite HC at the Dierks Bentley concert the night before.  With 2 FNGs in tow (good to see new faces), we got right to work:


Circle for warm-ups:

Good Mornings – 15x

Mountain Climbers – 20x

Fazio Arm Circles – 10x/10x

Spider-Man Merkins – 15x

Side-Shuffle Hops – 20x

Run across street to BB&T parking lot for 77’s:

Up first hill, 6x Hand-Release Merkins, 1x Sumo-Squat in middle, up 2d hill, 6x WW II sit-ups

Repeat 5x-2x-5x-2x-4x-3x-4x-3x-3x-4x-3x-4x-2x-5x-2x-5x-1x-6x-1x-6x-1x

Run to track for “Football Field” (on track since field closed):

10 Burpees

20 Star-jumps

30 Merkins

40 Squats

50 LBCs

40 Squats

30 Merkins

20 Star-jumps

10 Burpees

Squat Hold until all Pax finished

Ascend to top of stairs – partner-up for TRI-barrows:

Stair-barrow down the stairs, run to rails, wheel-barrow all the way up;

Flap-jack and complete the cycle again

Squat hold at top when done

Run to rock pile:

5 Rock-ees OYO – pass rock to the left

Curls – pass rock to the left;

Shoulder – pass rock to the left;

Triceps – pass rock to the left;

Roes – pass rock to the left;

Jack Webbs – diamond merkins on rock, lift rock over head

Run up the hill and around building for Line of Pain along curb facing Six Forks Road:

Irchins – 15x

Plank-Jacks – 15x

Nipplers – 15x

Ski-abs- 15x

Run back to main parking lot for COT:

Box-Cutters – 20x

Dying Cockroach – 20x

American Hammers – 15x

Name-o-rama; Announcements; Prayer-requests

Ball-of-men for closing prayer – Box Jump took us out with class and grace

An honor to lead my brothers and friends – thank you for the opportunity to lead.  L/A