It’s been a while since the Fetzer workout accessed one of its most diabolical sub-venues—the seven-story Bell Tower Parking Deck on the west side of Kenan Stadium. Monday was a perfect day for another trip there for 16 PAX.

Warmup: Jog from east end of Fetzer Field to west end for SSH x 20, Squats x 10,
Windmills x 10, Arm Circles x 10 forward and reverse, Merkins x 10.

Then jog to three sets of steps between Stallings Sports Medicine Center and Stadium Drive for set of 20 Derkins.

Then jog to North Gate at Kenan Stadium and, with feet to the high ground, knock out three sets of 12 merkins (last two sets Slow Merkins) alternating with WWIIs and LBCs.

Make our way through the woods and down the steps to the west entrance to the Kenan Football Center, circle up around the brick wall and three super sets of 12 cadence count dips and 12 box jumps.

From there up to the sidewalk on the southwest corner of the stadium and use the handrails for three sets of 12x rows, two overhead and one underhand.

The main course of our tour was next, the Bell Tower Parking Deck. We started on the bottom floor, running one flight at a time and pausing at each of seven levels for 10 merkins, 10 burpees, 10 Carolina dry docks, 10 squats, 10 WWIIs, planks. Then at the top level we did a mini-Mary with Freddie Mercuries, Ski Abs and Parker Peters.

Then jog back to the north gate at Kenan for two more sets of 12x merkins, then jog in. That is all.