A beautiful morning out at Bond Park, and 6 Pax rolled in for a weekend beatdown before the heat settled in. We welcomed 2 FNGs to the workout this morning, Andrew and Danske, who would get their appropriate names later after we worked them over.

Warm up

Run around the corner to the convention center parking lot and circle up for:

  • Good mornings x15
  • Side Straddle Hops x20
  • Cotton Pickers x15
  • Hillbillies x20

The Thang

Partner up, FNGs partner with their “sponsor” and grab a partner rock for what I called rock suicides.  Partner 1 ran suicides down the parking lot while partner 2 did rock curls AMRAP.  Flap jack when doen with the suicides.  Round 2 was rock presses, and final round with rocks was ru-rows.

Sufficiently warmed up and sweat rolling we run to the main street for a partial Ollie lap.  Partner 1 lunged walked to a light pole and dropped a gave us 11 mericans.  Partner 2 started at initial light pole with 11 mericans and then started to lunge walk.  Reapto until we reach the corner wher we squat hold while Q figures out next round.  He decided on mosey run down the street, again 11 mericans for each light pole.  The final stretch Q had the guys doing Frankensteins and mericans, while watching out for cars!  At the bottom of the hill we performed various plank moves, just cause.

Next round we mosey over to the large shelter for some partner work, partner 1 running a lap while partner 2 drops and does LBCs.  Round 2 in the shelter was six inch heel raises, final round was american hammers.  We exit the shelter performing raccoon crawls!  finally got to get in a raccoon crawl!

Mosey over to the playground for a little shoulder work, 10 pull-ups (can never have enough pull-ups) partnered with 20 dips.  Reapto.  Wanted to do another round but PAX looked gassed so off we go.

Indian run to the grass hill for some hill work.  I was running out of ideas so I winged it, 10 mericans bear-crawl up the hill, 10 star jumps.  Not the best workout but we were at least moving.

Mosey over to the line and, as is tradition at this park, BILLY RUN to parking lot.


With some time to spare, Q called on the PAX to perform speed-mary, each pax picking an exercise and calling cadence, FNGs passed, which I understand.  Last PAX finished at 10 and the bell tolled 8:00.


Time to name the new guys!  Andrew, because he likes fishing and is about to post to Wilmington, got the name Troller.  Danske, who owns a cement company got Quickcrete.  We shout-out to the guys doing to Tobacco Trail ruck (Ollie, Bartman).  Banjo mentioned next Saturday is the Sasquatch, basically 4x what we did today except in Greenville.  And he mentioned the 9/11 event, 107 stairs up a parking lot somewhere in Raleigh to remember the firefighters in WTC.

Tecumseh took us out, praying for CDH, Jolly Rancher, Ollie’s dad and the men and women in Munich.

It was an honor to lead you guys this morning.