How do you get 50 pounds of sand in a sack? Weigh it.

sand bags

Warm Up:

Start off with a nice yog down to the track for 50m of walking lunge, yog, 50m of backwards run, yog back off the track and up to the spiderman climb. Yog from the spiderman climb, around the school, and back to start. Continue warm up with SSHx25, Imperial Walkerx25, Windmill x20, Good Morning x20, Merkin x20, Plank Jacks x20. Cant forget the extra Burpees x5 for a Tardy Pax.

The Thang:

Pax are divided into 5 groups, each one assigned a 50 pound sand bag to carry with them where ever they go. There remained a lone 27.8 pound bag that Orwell proclaimed to be his. This was Orwell’s mistake.

Pax travelled, via rapid leg movement, over to the First Citizes building for some banking love. This circuit was run twice.

  • Group 1: Run up the stairs, across the deck, back down the other side, around the lawn, and back to the Pax.┬áThis activity is the time keeper for the remaining groups.
  • Group 2: Squats
  • Group 3: Merkins
  • Group 4: Dips
  • Group 5: Long, Slow, Flutter

Pax then journeyed back to the track where they were aloud to drop their sacks, but only so they could grab their rocks. We were all laden with a plea from Orwell to no longer make fun of the size of Wilson’s stones.

  • Lady Killers (bicep curls) x20, x15
  • Stunners (tri extension) x20, x15
  • Squat to Shoulder Press x20, x15
  • Offset Merkins on the Rocks x10 each hand, x8 each hand

Move to the football field and partner up for a partner carry race across the field and back. There was a winner, but the officials are still reviewing the film.

Sand bags picked and the Pax hoofed it back to the lot for a little Mary.