On Friday afternoon, a request was sent out for a Q at The Farm.  YHC was called out and the rest is history.  I had a rough idea for a workout on Friday night, but reached out to Mini Me (the man that introduced me to F3) to see if he had experienced any creative and challenging workouts lately.  His response was for me to search for “Blue Indian” on F3nation.com

72°F, Partly Cloudy, 80% humidty

The #shovelflag was missing this morning, so we moseyed to the intersection of Main St and Young St where YHC saw a flag on the drive in this morning.  We picked up a FNG on the way.

GMX10 (IC)
IWX15 (IC)
Mountain ClimberX15 (IC)

Mosey to Sanford Creek Elementary track.  When we made the left hand turn on to Scarboro St, the FNG kept going straight.  We later heard that he had a prior obligation at 0730.  Hopefully, we will catch up with him again soon.

The Thang
All PAX took 2 laps; “sprint” the straights, jog the corners

We partnered up (size matters) for the Blue Indian, which went like this:

Partner 1 bear crawls the front straight, lunge walks the short end of the track, burpee broad jumps the back straight, and partner carries the last short end.  Meanwhile, Partner 2 runs a lap.  Once Partner 2 catches Partner 1, they flapjack.

After the first lap, all PAX took 1 recovery lap.

Partner back up and line up on the short end of the track.  Partner 1 begins exercising while Partner 2 runs the length of the track and back and flapjacks with Partner 1.  Each team completed 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs and 300 Squats.

Mosey back to the front of the park.

6” Flutter KicksX40 (IC)

YHC was feeling guilty that I had no words of wisdom to share, but during the workout Green Mile shared with me how challenging it was to make it to the workout this morning and how every difficulty could have been viewed as a sign not to post.  I am thankful that he shared this with me as I reminded the men that we are always faced with temptation and that we must continue to pursue the things that appear difficult, especially when the thing that is difficult is God’s will.


F3 Dads today at Fletcher Park
Agoge is on Mondays at 0545 at SEBTS in Wake Forest
Excalibur is on Thursdays at 0545 at Knightdale Station Park
Q’s needed at Excalibur and the Farm
Spartan Race at Fort Bragg on September 10

Prayer Requests
Prayer for Moonshine and his health and job situation
Casey Kasem took us out.

Naked Moleskin
This felt like the first Saturday workout where the heat and humidity were at uncomfortable levels.  Despite that, all PAX pushed hard.  By my estimate, we ran 3.7 miles this morning.  The EC crew ran an additional 2.2 miles.  #neverstoprunning