Pygmy & Dabo teamed up to provide the beatdown C0-Q at Saturday Crick.  Pygmy was up for the start Q:

I have never been to the Weekend Crick so I was excited when Dabo asked me to Co-Q this workout with him.  It was great to see 20 strong out this Saturday morning especially with F3 Dads later in the day.  The sun was already beating down at 7am and humidity was high.  This was going to be a sweatfest.  With one FNG (Welcome Barney Fife) we went through a full disclaimer and then were off to the TBall fields for:

Warm Up
SSH x20 IC
GM x15 IC
IW x20 IC
Sir Fazio X10 IC each way
Mountain Climbers x20 IC

The Thang Part 1

The Blender:   Four Cones spread into a rectangle in the open field. Short sides about 30 yds long, long sides 60ish. PAX split into groups of 4. 1s and 2s start at cone 1, 3s and 4s at cone 3. 1s and 3s bear crawl the short length of the rectangle then run the long length, ending up at the opposite cone. 2s and 4s perform exercises until “relieved” by 1s and 3s. Then 1s and 3s perform exercises while others bear crawl/run. Therefore half the PAX were always bear crawling/running the perimeter while the others performed exercised. If seen from above it should look like the contents of a blender.
There were Four Commands / buttons on The Blender:
Excerise (simple enough)
Stop (everyone stops where they are while the QIC would call out new exercises for the next round)
Pulse (everyone runs to the center of the rectangle, performs 5 burpees OYO and then returns to their spot on perimeter and continues exercising)
Recover (this was the only rest once we started and was only called when we finished)

Exercises were as follows:
Cone 1 – Merkins – Cone 3 – Burpees (3 rounds of this)
Cone 1 – Diamond Merkins – Cone 3 – Prisoner Squats (Bear crawls replaced with broad jumps) (3 rounds of this)
Cone 1 – Wide Grip Merkins – Cone 3 – Star Jumps (Broad Jumps replaced with lunges) (3 rounds of this)

Pulse was called three times.

With everyone well blended all PAX recovered on the run to the soccer field where we lined up at one endline. Half PAX sprinted length of the soccer field while remaining PAX performed AMRAP exercises. Flapjack when first group returns.  3 trips with exercises below:
Fredjdie Mercuries, LBCs & Dying Cockroaches

Dabo was up for the second half Q:

No need for warmups or disclosures (again) so after checking if FNG (later named Barney Fife) was still hanging and had his one bullet remaining, we were off for a 100 yard trot, followed by a 50 yard bear crawl another trot then a crabwalk before trotting over to the picnic tables and rails.

While half of the group did left right stepups, the other half did some rail work around the trailer.  Then, the two groups switched and both groups planked independently while everyone finished the rails.   A 20 man Indian run around the school took us all to the Rock Pile.

After choosing peebles, rocks and craters, everyone settled in for some rock work:

25 Rock curls, 25 overhead presses, 20 tricep extensions then switched rocks to the right.  20 Rock curls, 25 Rock squats, 10 overhead presses and 10 tricep extensions.

Mosey to the basketball court for 30 pushups & 30 WWII situps OYO followed by a run around the track 50 yards behind the BB court.

Mary:  25 LBCs, 20 Homer to Mars, 20 sec lower leg hold at 6 in off ground, 50 American hammers and 3 min plank finished us off (including a 20 sec low plank at the end).

Announcements:  F3 Dads 930 am TODAY,  FNG Barney Fife added to the brotherhood

Prayer requests:  Wall E’s sister continues recovery from cancer, Friend of OFlex’s mother with cancer & Dabo’s step mother faces 6 weeks of radiation for cancer removed on bridge of nose.

Dabo took us out!   What a beautiful day the Lord has given to us!