22 pax gathered in the bright sunlight of WB Park on a balmy Saturday morning. At 0700 the gloom had long passed. Heisenberg and Johnny Gage were just returning from an extra credit misadventure in prep for the BRR. Tclaps men. 4 ding batters who migrate to our beautiful baywatch AO every summer like moths to a light bulb found us as well. They identified themselves as pax from Raleigh and WS, so were quickly embraced with love and sarcasm. 3 FNGs wandered in dazed and confused. Just how we like’em. Now Let’s get it on.

The warm-up
We circled up on the bball court for
Seal claps x 25
Merkins x 15
Peter Parkers x 20
Sun gods x 10 forwards x 10 reverse

Mosey towards the beach.
Stopped 1/2 in the real estate parking lot to wait on the 6.
plank jacks x 20
scorpions x 10
Continue mosey to beach.

In the nice soft sand find a partner. We are going to Johnny Mercer’s pier. About 1/2 mile.
Partner A inchworms to 2nd post while Partner B does LBCs
Everyone sprints 2 posts, recover mosey 1 post.
Partner A Bearcrawls to 2nd post while Partner B does prisoner squats
How is that sand working for you city boys?
Everyone sprints 2 posts, recover mosey 1 post.
Parnter A crabwalks to 2nd post while Partner B does shoulder taps
Everyone sprints 2 posts, recover mosey 1 post.
Wheelbarrel time. Each partner goes 1 post length.
Mosey to next lifeguard stand.

NOW we can do the Thang
Something we like to call (as of today) a Wet Sandie ladder.
Everyone lines up along dune line facing ocean.
Do 10 burpees, sprint to ocean, dive in. Return to dune line,
do 9 burpees, rinse and repeat until you are down to 1 burpee.
Holy cow, it looked a whole lot easier on the Weinke!
You can’t get this at just any AO.
About half way through the ladder, EPO’s FNG, Taylor, has to get to work. Hmmm? An FNG from yesterday, who spilled merlot, was back for day 2 and he crushed it. The man has some fight in him.

When all were done, we moseyed back to the flag. The 1/2 mile back was a long, strange, trip. We lost pax and added a few. The Q was completely confused. Seeing as how the ladder took twice as long as the Weinke said it would, Mary was skipped and CoT began at 8:10.

Tclaps to Bam and Starfish from Winston for joining us. Starfish was made for the Baywatch AO. Also tclaps to Dutch Boy and King David for posting from Raleigh. Always great to have the pax from the origins of our spawning. Prayers for Juneau in his new journey to Missouri. Prayers for all of our first responders, foreign and domestic, whose shields are out there everyday for us.

Great day for F3 Wilmington. We had 4 out of town pax, 3 FNGs, and lots of great energy. Seahorse continues to speak spanish in a effort to avoid the Q. We may have to just sign him up. Our BRR team appears to be getting into prime shape with perfect timing. Tclaps men. Niles has the F3 golf outing lined up for Sat, June 11. Get with him now if you want in. You Can suck at golf and still participate. Hoff had a book signing at Costco yesterday, and he felt the love of the pax. Several showed up to give support. This week is going to be a great week, so plan on posting as many times as you can.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead Saturday. It was a great honor.