A lucky 13 for this month’s edition of the 90 minute Whiplash. The goal was to cover ground and I had offsite on the brain. Thankful to Raleigh’s great greenway system, we are able to have access to a lot of solid spots. I chose to land at Pilot Park off of Glen Eden.

Fellowship jog towards the dojo, and circle up next to the dojo for a quick warm up.

SSH x 20, Good Mornings x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Prisoner Squat x 15

Mosey through the dirt path that takes you to Nancy Ann dr.

At your own pace, run up Nancy Ann dr, hang a right on lake boone, down to horton st, left on greenway and halt at the tunnel under lake boone. **1.2 miles**

People’s Chair x 30 IC

Get in groups of 3 and indian run down the greenway and halt at the next tunnel under Glen Eden dr. **.75 miles**

People’s Chair x 30 IC

Continue up the greenway to glen eden dr, and hang a right in to Pilot Park where the picnic shelter is and partner up.

The Thang:

One partner runs the greenway loop around pilot park(1/4 mile) while other partner does AMRAP of the following sets:

5 burpees, 5 pull-ups, 10 derkins, 20 LBCs, and WW2s until your partner returns.

We did this continuously for 25ish minutes. I believe each partner got in 5 loops. When both partners completed the 5 loops, AMRAP 20 left/right step-ups and 15 irkins until all finish.

Core Pyramid:

All counts IN CADENCE-

5 dying cockroaches/5 box cutters, 10 dying cockroaches/10 box cutters, 15 dying cockroaches/15 box cutters, 20 dying cockroaches/20 box cutters, 15 dying cockroaches/15 box cutters, 10 dying cockroaches/10 box cutters, 5 dying cockroaches/5 box cutters.

Time’s up and exit out of the Pilot. Head back down to the greenway and halt at the tunnel under glen eden.

People’s Chair x 30 IC

Get in your 3 man indian run group again and continue down the greenway and halt at the tunnel under lake boone dr.

People’s Chair x 30 IC

With 15 minutes left, run at your own speed for the final ascent up lake boone, left on nancy ann, and halt at the trail into NCAM and gather where we warmed up.


Butterfly Sit-ups x 20, Freddy Mercuries x 20, Low Slow flutters x 20, Chillcutt x 30 in cadence

Fellowship walk back to the parking lot.


-F3 Dad’s today 9:30 Fletcher Park

-Haven House this Tuesday

-Prayers for Encroachment and Blue Crush running the 13.1 half today

-Prayers for Call Me Maybe’s Dad’s health

-Thanks Mr. Bigglesworth for taking us out in a word of prayer.

-Awesome crew today. Timing could not have worked out better. I wasn’t quite sure how much time we’d have at Pilot park, but it was the perfect amount. The loop around the park was not so friendly and the shelter provided for some extra humidity. Was nice to mix in some pull-ups. 3 man indian runs are no joke. They force you to run faster than you would in larger groups. The final ascent back up to the museum after all of that was miserable. Thanks for the crew that showed up today and for pushing one another. This was my 2nd 90 minute Whip and it definitely is a real tester. Honor to lead and look forward to next time.