After being an active member of F3 for one year, it was time to put my rookie season in the books and start strong “Season Two” with a Q. YHC had several plans in reserve due to recent weather conditions (tons of rain), so the question was would it be “Merkinfest” in honor of Merlefest this upcoming weekend,The Beast or Four Corners in honor of the passing of the Great Dean Smith.

Wendell Gee set the tone in reminding YHC, “be a good steward of the park.” In other words, stay off the soccer fields since it had rained for the past several days. As if I needed to be reminded. It was a bit of foreshadowing of what was going to come from Wendell Gee.

Almost too quick of a start was provided, as YHC was eager to get going, but disclaimer was reminded to be provided as we had a FNG in our presence. So, disclosure was given and two doctors: Tubes and Q-tip at AO were put on notice. Off we went down the greenway to Kiwanis Park. We circled up and here is the THANG:

20 SSH, 15 Plank Jacks, 15 Good Mornings and 15 Windmills

YHC asked PAX to count off 1,2- decoy strategy, then we proceeded to grab some curbing for Wheel of Merkins (WOM):
2 hands on the curb 10 Merkins
Right hand on the curb 10 Merkins
Two feet on the curb 10 Merkins
Left hand on the curb 10 Merkins

Allergy infested and nasal congested Q grumbled through the count with mumble chatter abound from PAX

After WOM, we jogged to the picnic shelter partnering up for
10 Step ups (Partner 1), 10 Squats (Partner 2) alternate and repeat
10 Erkins (Partner 1), 10 Sumo Squats (Partner 2) alternate and repeat

We left Kiwanis Park, jogged back down the greenway to a place Wendell Gee deemed having the “softest asphalt in Raleigh” the back parking lot. We lined up at the far right (south end) telephone pole. The Beast was called 6 exercises, 6 stops, 6 reps, plank hold at the end of each exercise sequence to reassemble the PAX. There was voluminous rumbling and constant inquiry about the process as PAX stalled and delayed knowing the oncoming pain. YHC explained too much. Finally,YHC had enough the first exercise was called and the pain began. The mumble chatter quickly halted.
Merkins, Star Jumps, Burpees (always a crowd pleaser)

Halfway through The Beast, Blue Crush provided a quick 10 counts. Wendell Gee asked if it was time for MARY. So, YHC called for Monkey Humpers. Then, we finished with LBCs and CDDs. Fungo led the PAX strong (possible foreshadowing) A series of plank holds concluded the parking lot pain: Regular, Sarkosky, Regular and Putin. Off we went back down the greenway, with the Lourdes tradition of a sprint to the finish from the last raised manhole to Oxford Road.

A few quick minutes of Mary: 20 WWII sit-ups, 20 Homer to Marge, 20 Low flow flutter kicks and 7 Merkins to close it out.

Countoff of 28 PAX, then nameorama which ensued into a debate society as one FNG tried to quickly name himself, then after much debate ended up with Orange Slice. We continued then, we received an “FNG to be named later” scenario as it turned out. Fungo at Heavy Metal was indecisive on a FNG name, thus he went on to “pledge” the name of K-Tribe if FNG posted again. Thus, here we were in a discussion of being pre-named, etc. Ultimately, we decided to pass and possibly rename Fungo.

Announcements: BRR sign up if you haven’t already, GoRuck Listen & Learn at PR 7pm 4/21, F3 Dads on 4/25 at Fletcher Park 9:15am assembly and 9:30am start

COT: Continued prayers for PeachPit’s father who had successful surgery and praise for support
Prayers for the passing of a co-worker
Prayers for another PAX member for a friend recently diagnosed with cancer

Ball of man, YHC took us out in prayer

A year in the book with much to be thankful- especially F3 for making me and all members of the PAX better individuals- more later

It was an honor to lead even being horse. AYE!