Urban Jungle. The antithesis of Earth Day. Buildings, concrete, escalators, cars and asphalt. Hmm… Well, maybe we should go off-campus today. Go on a little tour. Around the world so to speak. Find some rocks, grass and water. Maybe visit some friends. So that’s what we did.

Fantastic weather brought 31 Pax out of the woodwork. Great to see the regulars, the kotters and the new faces. Also good to see Magellan from CLT again. You’re becoming a F3 Raleigh regular. Need to get you an Oaks shirt. Also had 2 FNGs take the red pill and make the decision to get better. And loved that one of those FNGs was an old Raleigh buddy. This was shaping up to be a great day.

Shovel flag planted. Short disclaimer given. Follow me. Jog to asphalt lot in front of Total Wine, watch out for the truck. Not unloading this one, keep moving and circle up.

Warm Up
SSH x20
Windmills x10
Plank Jacks x20
Mtn. Climbers x10
2 min of Burpees (crowd pleaser)

Run to The Blitz

Hug a Rock
Grab a rock, circle up and plank on it for the Blitz Pax to join us. Quite a bit of mumble chatter as the two groups merged, the 21 guys with kettlebells forming a circle inside the 31 guys with rocks. 52 Pax. A mini-convergence. But enough with the pleasantries, back to work.
Triceps  x10
Rock Curls  x15
Rock Rows (or Ruh-Rohs)  x15
Rock Merkins  x10
Repeato  x2

Thanks for letting us intrude on your turf, and to Cut Me Mick for letting us interrupt his pure metal beatdown. Having experienced several of his KB workouts, his Pax probably welcomed the break. But as a Blitz regular, I also knew they needed to get back to swinging iron. So we took off. Indian Run to visit Injured Reserve.

Touch some Grass
No IR Pax in sight, count off in 2s:
1s AMRAP exercise
2s Traverse to bottom, sprint back, flapjack
Rd 1)  Flutter Kicks / Bear Crawls
Rd 2)  LBCs / Lunge Walk
Plank work after each round

Time is running out. Still no IR in sight. Time to go home. Jog back to Urban Jungle. (Word is that on our way, the IR group was spotted doing some rock work over behind the Hyatt House. Azul was focused and delivering pain as usual.) Then we came to a screeching halt at the longest stoplight in Raleigh. So a little combo of squat holds and prisoner squats kept the Pax working while we waited. Moving on…

Appreciate the Water
Quick pitstop at JCP water fountain:
1s Step-ups x20
2s Dying Cockroaches AMRAP

No time for a proper Mary, but we some along the way. So, we’re done.

Count-Off – 31
Name-o-Rama – Welcome FNGs Solo and Cooter
The Arena this Friday 1430 – Signup, or just show up. Want to know what this is all about? Read this and Captain’s Comment here.
F3 Dads Saturday 0915-1030 at Fletcher
Social at Big Boss next Thursday 4/30: EC Run at 1700, 2nd F at 1800
BRR & GRC HCs continue. Do it.
Leghorn took us out and started our day right.

Thanks for letting me take you on a little tour of NH today. Super strong work by all, especially considering all the ground we covered. Always honored, and humbled, to lead.