YHC woke to a sore throat coated with that cottage cheese consistency of mucous. You know what Dice means…the snot you projectile shoot out and it sticks…sticks to the side of the sink basin….the water won’t dislodge it…and you are forced to wipe it down with your hand…or face the wrath of the M if you ignore it like you don’t see it and leave it there for her to find when she goes to wash her face. Dice always washes it down, now. So it took an extra three minutes to get my morning game going. The Dice-mobile had a serious covering on it’s windshield taking another extra five minutes to defrost. Then the engine dinged it was running on fumes, losing another four minutes to the gas station fill-up. Dice usually gets onsite at the AO early, and much earlier when he Q’s. Today, YHC pulled into the lot at 5:44, and even at 32 degrees there were two Pax ready and waiting on him. Dice, however, wasn’t the last person to show 🙂

Some pleasantries exchanged on the way to the asphalt start, discussions on Christmas dietary indiscretions. Dice shared how he made his 2.0s clean out and reorganized one closet each (at about 2 hours per kid) to try fitting in all their new Christmas toys/clothes and odds-n-ends. M.Dice gave a frown before bed “You made your kids clean their room for two hours on Christmas…. On Christmas. Really? On Christmas…” (it sounded a little like a Stephen A. Smith bit) Dice did not get her vote for Father of the Holidays 🙁

The workout started off slow, and built up. Today was the first Q YHC did not have a prepared workout – so sans Weinke we went to work.

Cornholio shared his story of pre-Christmas errands while managing his kids. The Holiday Trip to the ABC store, with one in the Baby Bjorn and one in hand held tow. His oldest asked about the pretty bottles and was told they were “Adult Beverages”. The response “So if you drink them they make hair grow under your arms”. Good connection. Cornholio worried Child Services was getting a call from the ABC store attendant. Perhaps he’s not getting the Father of the Holidays award either. (Side note: For those of you without kids or your last one arrived greater than 10 years ago…a Baby Bjorn is that back packed stuffed with a kid, worn reverse clothing out front gangsta-riffic like the 90’s fad started by CrissCross (and yes, in college dice once proved it is hard to hit the bathroom in a hurry with six beers in and your fly is zipped up in the back…who the $&*! thought that was a cool look?). Yeah, Dice used one. And yes, putting it on is somewhat emasculating (the first time), sorta like the final realization…. yeah, you’re are getting a mini-van. However, you get your man card right back when you use the Baby Bjorn so that you can walk thru Lowe’s/Home Depot in the lumber section to do some home improvement shopping and get some fresh sawdust on your baby’s head. Still, every time I see someone wearing one it reminds Dice of Robert DeNiro’s Character in the “Focker” movies…. an over-the shoulder boulder holder (Bra) for a man that you insert a baby bottle into so you can nurse your kid mommie style…. yeah….yeah….no.

25 SSH, Slow Pace
20x Good Morning, Stretch
20x Imperial Walker
10/10x Arm Circle
20x Prayer Squat, Stretch
20x Windmill, Stretch
20x Mountain Climber
10/10/10x Shoulder Shrugs, Neck Roll Clockwise/Counter
20x Prisoner Squats
10/10 Q Count Leg / Leg Stretch
10/10 Q Count Quad Stretch

15x Irkins (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 30 Reps)
15x Dips
15/15x Step-Ups
15x Derkins
20 Q Count
10x Irkins (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 20 Reps)
10x Dips
10/10x Step-Ups
10x Derkins
20 Q Count
8x Irkins (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 16 Reps)
8x Dips
8/8x Step-Ups
8x Derkins

Brick Wall:
10x Jump Squat
10x LBC (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 20 Reps)
10x Merkins
20 Pax Count Balls To The Wall
10x Sumo Squat
10x A. Hammer (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 20 Reps)
10x Wide Grip Merkins
20 Pax Count Balls To The Wall
10x Imperial Walkers
10x Ski Abs
10x Diamond Merkins
20 Pax Count Balls To The Wall
10/10x Alternating Lunges
10x RLBC (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 20 Reps)
10x Carolina Dry Docks
20 Pax Count Balls To The Wall
2 Minute People’s Chair

Asphalt: “Tens”
10x Prayer Squat
10x LBC (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 20 Reps)
10x Standard Merkins
10x Prisoner Squat
10x A. Hammer (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 20 Reps)
10x Wide Grip Merkins
10x Freddie Mercury
10x Diamond Merkins
10x R. LBC (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 20 Reps)
10x Carolina Dry Dock

Plank Off:
20 Q Count Per Exercise – Go Until Fail.
Regular – Sarkozy – Regular – Putin – Regular – Chilcut (Q Out)
Regular – Sarkozy – Regular – Putin – Regular – Chilcut (Baby Farley Out)
Regular – Sarkozy – Regular – Putin – Regular – Chilcut
Regular – Sarkozy – Regular – Putin – Regular – Chilcut – Regular Slow – Time Called at 5:00 Min (King David / Cornholio)


F2 Event: Happy Hour at Ridgewood Beer and Wine

Catalyst Tomorrow: Dice has Q

Recovery Workouts:
Monday – Disabled List 5:45 North Hills Mall Movie Theater AstroTurf
Wednesday – Injured Reserve 5:45 North Hills Complex Amphitheater / Chuy’s Grass
Friday – Lame Duck 5:45 Root Elementary Lassiter Lot

Prayer Requests:
The family of Connor McNulty in Virginia Beach. A College Fraternity Brother of Cornholio, they lost their young son ten days before Christmas to a sudden / unexplained illness.

Hush Puppy father and family – enjoy this time with the family, making memories to last lifetime while checking off his bucket list.

Cornholio – thanks for the opportunity to get out and exercise and enjoy ourselves.

– Dice