At 5:25a, Area 51 PAX member Dumpster Fire and YHC’s brother-in-law, frantically searched for the Ethanol site near Panera and¬†was running out of time. Dumpster Fire¬†approached a security guard and asked if he had seen a group of shady looking men racing around the parking deck. The security guard answered in the affirmative and said he last spotted the group on the top level. Dumpster Fire raced to the top level and joined the rest of the PAX for the Thang.

Good Mornings
Imperial Walkers
Mountain Climbers
Seal Jacks

Run to ramp
Bear crawl up
Run to next ramp
Backwards run

Circle at top for Burpee Fest
10 hand release
10 merkin
10 ski abs
10 Peter Parkers each side
10 Plank Jacks

Run to the escalators next to McCormick and Schmick’s for Jacob’s Ladder
Jacobs Ladder
10 Burpees at the top
1 squat at bottom
…. and continue

Run back to Panera

6 inch leg hold
LBC’S X 50

Sir Fazio closed with a prayer