In a steady downpour, YHC led the PAX through various wild KB swinging motions requiring tremendous balance and stability. Site Q Bob Villa recognized the potential danger in fatigued PAX flailing heavy, wet iron balls overhead and exercised responsible leadership by quickly promulgating new KOSHA regulations (The Kettlebell Oscillation Safety and Health Administration).  With a quick KB jog to shelter replacing one of the ramp runs (see below), the work continued.

Warmup:  10 SSH, 10 Good Mornings & 10 Qigong Cranes

The thang:

4 rounds:

  • 10 one-arm swings (switch arms)
  • 10 one-arm snatches (switch arms)
  • 10 gobbet squat presses
  • Jog down the ramp/up the steps
  • (Repeat 4xs)

Refreshing 600 meter jog in the cool rain

2 rounds

  • 10 swinging reverse lunge (switch arms)
  • 10 single leg one-arm row (switch arms)
  • 10 around the world
  • Jog down the ramp/up the steps
  • (repeat)

There is a certain beauty to good friends, sense of accomplishment and a cold rain.  Despite the damp and chill, Fault, Friar Tuck, Bob Villa and YHC were all spirited and light hearted.  We wished one another gratefulness and cheer for the holiday and then enjoyed an extended coffeeteria with the late additions of Chong Li and the westward bound Johnny Utah.

It was a wonderful start to the day.