YHC arrived at CMS AO around 6:40. Several cars on site already. Deliverance, Elsinore, Hush Puppy and (Dice believes) one more went for a pre-Catalyst run (read Pre-Dice Q run, because Dice doesn’t run -much- at his “Qs” and it’s never pretty when he does). The pre-Catalyst run was 4.2 miles.

So here’s the humor nugget. Hush Puppy thought it was Friday and showed up at Juggernaut before 5:45 ready for a (Friday) work-out. For those of you who are still in a Holiday Calendar time warp…today is Saturday. Once he realized he was pulling a Lonely Soldier, he tweeted out that he was heading over to Catalyst…..and hoped he make it on time for the work-out…..where he was greeted by Elsinore and Deliverance while being treated to a 4 mile warm-up before the Catalyst work–out…. the Humor is Hush Puppy is just back (about 2 weeks in) after missing almost 2 months with a deep respiratory infection. So today – Hush Puppy gutted out a total of 7 Miles of running this morning plus all the reps you see below….that makes Dice feel like a sympathy spill of Merlot is in order. Good Times! Now hit the ibuprofen, a microwaved rice bag, and some scotch.

Dice is thankful to F3, the Pax, and Larry David (Mike Malone) – who has EH’d the equivalent of a Pro Football Team roster to come on out for their own good. As he was sitting in his car this morning, Dice reflected on last year’s day after Christmas. Usually the holidays – November and December – put on about 20+ pounds to Dice’s 6’3” frame. (Dice has a wicked sweet tooth in a mouth with a tractor beam. Anything sweet gets pulled in for a taste…..and Dice averages about 2-3 cartons of Egg Nog each week. Yeah I know…I have just fat shamed myself during the holidays. Anyway, since November 1st this year, Dice has not put any of his F3 weight loss back on….haven’t lost any more either but given that I’m still consuming about 80% of the ‘normal’ holiday calorie intake…. things are going alright. Feeling pretty good about starting the typical new years resolution for the summer “beach body” because I’m 30 pounds lighter than last summer at the start!

And Dice is going to embrace the “Man-Ram” gauntlet challenge thrown down at him during the Catalyst Coffeeteria two weeks ago. Dice is going to go off of Carbonated Sodas, starting after Jan 1st, for a full month to see the difference…. Dice’s habit is about one to one and a half 2 Liter Diet Mountain Dews (a day). Who’s in with me?

Disclaimer: Intro and F3 Disclaimer. Plus a Dice opener…Warm-ups are always part of a Dice Q. Focus on proper form, full extension and flexion range of motion and feel some stretching tightness with each rep. Speed is not necessarily your friend in the warm-up.

25x SSH, Slow Pace
20x Good Morning, Stretch
20x Imperial Walker
10/10x Arm Circles
20x Prayer Squat, Stretch
20x Mountain Climber
10/10/10x Shoulder Shrug, Neck Roll / Switch Direction
20x Prisoner Squat
10/10 Q Count Leg Over Leg Stretch / Switch
10/10 Q Count Standing Quadriceps Stretch
20 Q Count Butterfly Stretch

“Log” over to First Citizens Parking Lot
(A “Log” is a leisurely jog)

10x Eight Count Man Maker, Cornholio Special

“Log” over to new North Hills Tower Parking Lot

8x Eight Count Man Maker

“Log” over to World Of Beer Fountain.

15x Irkins (Studs, 2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 30 Reps)
15x Dips
15/15x Step-ups, Switch Lead Leg
15x Derkins

Two Side By Side Parking Deck Stairs Push To The Top

20x LBC (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 40 Reps)
10x Merkins (Studs 2 per 4 Count Cycle, 20 Reps)
10x Prayer Squat
20x American Hammer (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 40 Reps)
10x Wide Grip Merkins (Studs 2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 20 Reps)
10x Prisoner Squat
20x Freddie Mercury
10x Carolina Dry Dock
10x Sumo Squat
5 Count Pax Circle Six Inch Leg Hold

Two Side By Side Parking Deck Stairs Down

“Log” Over to Hyatt House Rock Pile
Pick Out A Rock Friend

15x Biceps Curls
15x Chest Press
15x Bent Over Row
15x Triceps Extension
10 Q Count
Each Pax Moves Two Rocks To The Right
15x Biceps Curls
15x Chest Press
15x Bent Over Row
15x Triceps Extension
10 Q Count
Each Pax Moves Two Rocks To The Right
10x Biceps Curls
10x Chest Press
10x Bent Over Row
10x Triceps Extension
10 Q Count
Each Pax Moves Two Rocks To The Right
20x Rock LBC (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 40 Reps)
Place Rock Back In Natural Habitat

“Log” Back To W-O-B Fountain

10x Irkins (Studs, 2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 30 Reps)
10x Dips
10/10x Step-ups, Switch Lead Leg
10x Derkins

“Log” Back To New North Hills Tower Parking Lot

Plank Rotation 20 Pax Count Per
Regular – Sarkozy – Regular – Putin – Regular – Chilcut

“Log” Back to First Citizens Parking Lot

25x SSH, Fast Pace (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 50 Reps)

“Log” Back to CMS Parking Lot

Mary” “Tens”

10x Prayer Squat
10x LBC (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 20 Reps)
10x Merkin
10x Prisoner Squat
10x A Hammer (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 20 Reps)
10x Wide Grip Merkin
10x Sumo Squat
10x R LBC (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 20 Reps)
10x Diamond Merkins

(“Log” / Stairs distance approximately 2.75 Miles)

Whoa, In re-Reading…..that was a lot of stuff. And to think Dice had a second trip up and down the parking deck stairs in the original plan.

Count Off: 14


New Years Day – Fletcher Park Convergence at 7:00 AM

Prayer Requests:
“The Force” (CLT) requested prayers for his Brother In Law – Mike Ginette (Spelling?). The Force has been trying to EH his B-I-L, who lives around Raleigh somewhere, to come out to F3 over the last year.

Hush Puppy’s Dad and Family in town for an end of the year bucket list.

The Force – Thanks for the opportunity to come out an exercise in this special time of the year. To be better Husbands, Sons, Brothers, Friends and Fathers.

“Q” thoughts of the day:
For those Pax who enjoy this type of work-out style, either as just a change of pace from your normal routine or as a possible regular type of post to insert into your routine once a week – Dice encourages you to come out to one of the “Recovery” workouts. Started in August of 2014, the Recovery workouts are non-running boot camp style workouts designed to keep “injured/recovery” Pax part of F3. No running means no one falls out behind the back of the Pax, and even with hard core exercises, if something doesn’t feel right you can option out into a different exercise until the Q hits an exercise you can do. We routinely pull in between 4-10 Pax, and often at least two guys have similar injuries / issues so when optioning out often they aren’t alone in picking something else. It’s not just for those who can’t run – and the Recovery Road work-outs will build strength and definition because, as you can see above, there are plenty of body weight exercises and reps to go around. Dice usually hits two Recovery workouts and two regular running boot camp workouts each week. Emphasis on usually.

Mondays 5:45 : Disabled List – North Hills Mall Movie Theater AstroTurf

Wednesdays 5:45 : Injured Reserve – North Hills Complex Midtown Amphitheater / Chuy’s Restaurant Grass

Fridays 5:45 : Lame Duck – Root Elementary Lassiter Parking Lot

– Dice